Here’s 11 Things You DEFINITELY Missed In These Classic Disney Movies

3 March 2016, 17:22 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

It really is a whole new world!

There has been so many hidden message trails left throughout your favourite Disney classics, it's hard to keep track of them all. We've just discovered 10 more that will be sure to make your mind explode. You literally won't believe it.

1) Beauty And The Beast

What seems like a cheeky little animator editing hack on the surface is actually a much much more serious situation. Belle's village was once at the centre of a sheep cloning scandal. The head Shepherd, who is NEVER SEEN ON SCREEN, produced 17 clones of one sheep. The sheep can only be identified by the shape of the wool on top of their head. #TheMoreYouKnow

2) Pocahontas

Contrary to popular belief, this guy is not wearing paw shaped nipple covers. Much like his peer Aladdin, Kocoum is sadly without nipples. It was rumoured that they once to sent each other messages of nipple-less support in the wake of Tarzan's rise to fame but we are yet to see any evidence. Even Pocahontas was lowkey baffled.

3) The Little Mermaid

It's always difficult to focus on background props in The Little Mermaid because Ariel was such a limelight hog. Because of this, you may have never noticed this vase. Such an iconic figure in popular culture, we can't believe we hadn't noticed it until now. 

4) Tarzan

Much like this spilt barrel of wine. No reasoning behind it, it's just something that you probably never noticed.

5) Frozen

Everyone is familiar with all intricate references across the world of Disney but here's one you DEFINITELY missed. Such an explicit reference to Beauty And The Beast's Belle it's unbelievable. #PopBuzzExclusive

6) Sleeping Beauty

Have you ever wondered where the Yellow fairy is? Legend says it's because the Green fairy is a filthy Slytherin and she dispatched the Yellow fairy in a magical duel. Green Fairy then used a memory charm on the Blue and Red Fairies, so they now have no memory of her. Hufflepuff are rumoured to have a shrine to her in their common room. 

7) Little Mermaid

While everyone in the aquatic world was enjoying a tropical bop to Sebastian's seminal masterpiece, two of the fish were engaged in a secret love tryst. They spent the entire song and dance trying to hide their mutual attraction but the eyes gave it all away. The sexual tension between the two was unbearable, and that blue fish floating above them is having NONE of it.

8) Aladdin

You definitely never noticed how on fleek Jafar's eyeliner game was. Unless you're well-versed in the world of villainous make up tutorials, that is.

9) Pocahontas

If you rearrange the letters of Pocahontas, you get a spine-tingling foreshadow regarding the sidekick of Ratcliffe's minion, Percy. Once Satan's Pooch, always Satan's Pooch... #TrustNoOne

10) Hercules

Disney are ALWAYS sneaking hidden messages into their movies. Hercules is FULL of illuminati references and they're not the only one...

11) The Lion King

Say no more.