Eleven And Hopper's Relationship On "Stranger Things" Is So Pure It'll Make You Sob

30 October 2017, 21:22

Eleven Hopper Stranger Things
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Hopper as a dad is my religion now. (This article contains spoilers.)

Without a doubt, one of the most satisfying parts of Stranger Things 2 was seeing Eleven and Hopper, the two outsiders, together acting like a little dysfunctional family. 

At the end of the first episode, it is revealed that Eleven has been living in Hopper's cabin after he found her wandering through the woods in the cold. He took her in and has been cooking dinner and supplying her with Eggos ever since. 


To be honest, Eleven and Hopper are like 2017's version of Matilda and Miss Honey. The unlikely pairing of a kid with telekinetic powers and an adult who really doesn't quite have their shit together but will do anything and everything to protect their baby sidekick, even if that means adoption? A concept we wholeheartedly approve of.

Needless to say, the internet absolutely CANNOT cope with the pairing either. 












Personally cannot wait for Stranger Things 3 when Hopper and Joyce finally shack up, Eleven and Will become siblings and Hopper is just being the best dad to every kid on this damn show.