What Happens If You Binge Watch Hunger Games MJ 1 And 2?

19 November 2015, 13:07 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Spoiler free.

After a long year of waiting, Mockingjay Part 2 is finally unleashed today. Your first chance to watch was at the midnight screenings last night and I was among the lucky/crazy few who braved the late screenings at my local cineplex to be among the very first to see the final Hunger Games movie. It was very exciting.

But wait - just one late night movie? That's wayyyyy too easy. If I was gonna do this, I was gonna do it right. And that could mean only one thing - A Mockingjay Part 1 and 2 double header, back to back screening. Finishing at 2.30am. Here, in all it's spoiler-free glory, is how it went down.

Mockingjay Part 1

20.00 - Wolf down dinner, run for tube

20.30 - "Well it says the start was at half 8 but there'll be loads of trailers and stuff. That'll kill half an hour".

20.35 - Large bag of fizzy cola bottles purchased.

20.45 - Damn, guess there weren't any trailers.

20.55 - Wait, why are they underground again? Knew they should have made this a triple bill.

20.57 - Wait, why is there a girl with a snacks cart actually inside the cinema?


21.00 - Run to cashpoint

21.04 - ID check for beer. Well, it is dark in here.

21.05 - Finally settled in my seat, Julianne Moore giving one of those speeches in the big conference room. I'm focused, and I'm excited.

21.07 - It's fun watching JLaw pretend she can't act in that propaganda film bit. Deserved another Oscar.

21.20 - Nap.

22.20 - Nap.

23.20 - Ah, where am I? Oh are they rescuing Peeta now?

23.30 - Part one done, Peeta be cray.

INTERMISSION - Stretch legs, pee, purchase beer no.2 and all of the popcorn.

Mockingjay Part 2

00.00 - Yaaassss!

00.01 - Oh, this one does have trailers....

00.07 - How much must they be paying Willem Dafoe to do these awful commercials?

00.08 - Star Wars Trailer. Doing midnight show for that too. Probably in costume. I'm thinking George Lucas.

00.15 - Right, and we're off!

00.16 - Wow, this starts literally where we just left them.

00.20 - WTF? Did (SPOILER) really just (SPOILER) when she knew (SPOILER) was (SPOILER)? 

00.45 - SPOILERS

01.00 - SPOILERS

01.14 - Not enough Stanley Tucci in this.

01.30 - Sewers are creepy as f*ck.

01.45 - *Serious film review mode* This is probably the strongest action sequence I've seen in any movie for a very long time.

02.00 - SPOILERS

02.05 - SPOILERS

02.15 - Nooooo!!!!!

02.20 - Big finale brewing.

02.25 - Big finale.

02.30 - Major Harry Potter Vibes.

02.31 - CREDITS, *sobs*


02.45 - "I like the bit when that guy did the thing with the stuff..."

02.55 - How am I not in bed yet?

03.00 - Collapse.

03.26 - Can't sleep due to aforementioned nap.

03.37 - Fall asleep.

07.00 - ALARM. Sh*t. 

In short, the film is really good but midnight screenings are a terrible idea on a school night.