9 Gazebos That Are Total Bullsh*t

18 September 2017, 14:52 | Updated: 18 September 2017, 15:20

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

You know it, Eddie knows it, we all know it!

This is a placebo:

Sweet & Nostalgic


This is the band Placebo:

Press Shot


Neither of these should ever be confused with this - a gazebo:


Murdy Burdy

Because, as we all know, gazebos are bullshit.

Here's a few of the worst offenders out there:

1) Rowlinson Black Barbecue Gazebo

gazebo 1


Oh, just 'cos you've got a detachable shelf you think you're better than me? Get f*cked gazebo!


2) Rowlinson Gainsborough Gazebo

gazebo 2


Who are these people and why the f*ck are they in my garden drinking my wine?


3) Redstone 4 Sides Gazebo 3 x 3 Metre


You can't fool me with your crappy fake windows you plastic sack of shit!


4) 3x6M Party Wedding Tent Gazebo


If I got invited to a wedding in one of these, I'd grab a slice of cake and piss straight off back to the hotel. Guaranteed divorce within five years.


5) Gazebo Pavilion Party Tent


Looks like an alien, probably is an alien.


6) Children's Waterproof Multicolour Gazebo


Leave the damn children out of this! They are innocent souls! Won't somebody please think of the children?!


7) Quictent 3x3m Waterproof Red Pop Up Gazebo with Sidewalls


Red curtains don't mean you are in a glamorous theatre dumbass. You are still eating a picnic in a tent, not at the Emmys.


8) Greenbay Premium Green Pop-up Gazebo with Silver Protective Layer


Would you pay £62.99 for this shit? Of course you wouldn't. You're not an idiot.


9) Primrose 3m Manual Awning - Multi Stripe Mayfair DIY Patio Awning Gazebo Canopy


This pic is way less cheery once you realise there's a piano just out of shot about to collapse that stupid f*cking gazebo cartoon style.

Stay aware kids - avoid gazebos at all costs. You don't need that shit.

Finn Wolfhard, Vine