Jack Skellington Has Been In A Bunch Of Your Fave Movies And You Didn't Even Notice

20 December 2016, 16:01 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Jack Skellington Cameos
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

What's this? What's this? Jack Skellington in EVERY movie you've ever seen?

You know how Pixar characters always end up being spotted in different films across the company? Like when Sully made a cameo in Brave, or when Nemo made a secret appearance in Toy Story... That's exactly what's been happening with Jack Skellington for years and we bet you didn't even notice.

His first cameo appearance was in Beetlejuice.

via Hidden Jacks

Before The Nightmare Before Christmas even made it to the big screen, Tim Burton managed to sneak Jack into the 1988 movie, Beetlejuice. His head can be seen on top of Beetlejuice's carnival hat. 

He's in Coraline too, but blink and you'll miss him.

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In the scene where Coraline's mum is cracking an egg, keep an eye out before the egg drops into the bowl - the yolk is actually Jack's head! Coraline was directed by Henry Selick, who also directed The Nightmare Before Christmas.

He has a starring role in James And The Giant Peach.

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The Skeleton Pirate bares a preeeeeeetty strong resemblance to Jack, wouldn't you say? When Centipede bursts through the doors, he says "A Skellington?", so maybe that's proof that Jack managed to escape Halloween Town once again, this time to become a Pirate. Discuss amongst yourselves.

He miiiiiiight have made an appearance in Princess And The Frog too.


When Dr Facilier summons the Shadow Demons, one appears to look a lot like Jack. (He's the one of the far left btw...)

Apparently, Jack features on the Mad Hatter's Bow Tie in Alice In Wonderland - can you spot him?


It's been confirmed by Tim Burton on the DVD commentary but we can't bloody find him!

We'll give you 30 seconds to spot the secret Skellington in Finding Nemo.

via HiddenMickeys.com

Ok, this one really IS a blink and you'll miss it moment. In fact, we're not entirely convinced that it's officially him but if you look closely at the bubble at the very top of this picture, you'll see a very faint image of Jack's iconic eye sockets. 

And there's a big ol' reference to The Nightmare Before Christmas in Burton's Sleepy Hollow.

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Ok, so this one technically isn't Jack Skellington but the scarecrow from 1999's Sleepy Hollow is literally the same scarecrow from The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Tim Burton, you tease!

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