What Will Happen To The Internet If Leo DiCaprio Wins An Oscar?

11 January 2016, 17:05 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Leo Oscar Meme
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

We all want Leo to win an Oscar... but at what cost?

On Sunday 28th February, the world will be watching and waiting with baited breath for the world's favourite perpetual Bridesmaid to have his moment in the Oscar spotlight. You've dreamt about this moment, haven't you? The announcement is made. Leo DiCaprio has FINALLY won an Academy Award. The crowd cheers. You give him a standing ovation in front of your own TV... 


At the beginning of every year, since it's conception in 2012, Tumblr timelines and Twitter feeds are flooded with infamous memes from Leo's award ceremonies past, thus marking the beginning of Award Season. Each meme cementing yet another catastrophic blow to Mr DiCaprio's dreams of becoming an Academy Award winning Actor. During and after a ceremony featuring Leo losing another award that was rightfully his, news outlets and social media accounts start brimming with fresh 'Sad Leo' content that is sure to appease the peasants for weeks to come. 

But what if he *actually* wins this time? Will we have to say goodbye to one of our most beloved memes? Yes. Yes we will. And you should prepare yourselves accordingly.  

1) We'll never be able to reblog these memes as they were intended ever again. Children born after February 2016 will never know a world where these memes were so valuable.

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(Over 1m notes... Reblog while you still can!) 

2) We'll never be able to send these crappy Tumblr valentines to our betrothed ever again because they will make no sense. #RIP

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3) There will literally be no point in watching any future award ceremonies.

Because the only reason any of us really put up with those silly 4 hour long telecasts is so we can experience moments of heartbreak like this, and scramble to gif them as quickly as possible for the mass market.


4) The internet will be over as we know it. 

The meme that united us all... once so valuable and precious, soon to be worthless and defunct. The Tumblr accounts that house these ancient relics will now be considered as museums. Gif round ups solely dedicated to Leo not winning Oscars will no longer provide online media outlets with a guaranteed hit. The entire World Wide Web will be lost at sea. *pun intended*

So before you say your prayers on Oscar night, think about what we'll be losing if Leo finally wins the Academy Award. Think about it. Is it really worth it?

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(LOLjk, of course it is. If Leo doesn't win an Oscar, I'll flip a freakin' table!)