13 Memes That Nailed How Much You Hate Miss Grundy On “Riverdale”

Riverdale KJ Apa Miss Grundy

Someone call the cops, immediately.

Just as soon as we fell in love with K.J. Apa's abs in Riverdale, we also made an enemy in Miss Grundy.

The bespectacled, child-snatching music teacher of Riverdale High didn't waste any time in getting her grubby paws all over school heartthrob Archie Andrews. It was to be her undoing, however, leading to [SPOILER ALERT] her 'real' identity being exposed once Betty and Veronica got suspicious and went sleuthing around her car and found a fake identity card...and a gun *gulps*

Miss Grundy has now run away from Riverdale quicker than you can say 'statutory rape' but there are still plenty of haters on the internet that are majorly pissed about her relations with our ginger prince.

1. Let's start by acknowledging Archie must take his share of the blame.


2. Archie, you've been played.


3. Miss Grundy is certainly up there with the worst of them.


4. Where's the lie though?




6. Sad!


7. A little much but we appreciate the sentiment.


8. This is savage.


9. Even #SaltBae is disgusted by Miss Grundy.


10. At last we can now get a comfy nights sleep.


11. Lock her up and throw away the key, or lock Archie up with me and throw away the key. Either way...


12. Cole said it/threw it best.


13. Now we can get on with the most important relationship on the show.