11 Musicians Who Made Weird Movie Cameos That You DEFINITELY Forgot About

20 June 2016, 15:03 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Movie Cameos
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Bet you didn't know about Number 6 tho...

We've already given you the run down of those musicians who made super weird TV cameos but what about on the movie side of business? And how many of them were actually worthy of that little golden trophy man? Let's find out who reached the top spot!

11) Olly Alexander in The Riot Club 


Technically, Olly's appearance wasn't a cameo. He was an actor before he joined Years & Years to create sweet sweet music especially for us. One of his last appearances on the big screen was in The Riot Club alongside Douglas Booth and Finnick Odair where he played a real sh*thead.

Did you see it? It was a fairly small budget British film so unless you're a MASSIVE Olly stan... you probs didn't.
Would he win an Oscar? Uh, YAAAAASS!

10) Britney Spears in Austin Powers: Goldmember


What did the casting directors of Goldmember have to do to get two of the BIGGEST pop queens together in one movie?! (The other is Beyonce, in case you forgot!) Sadly, despite her oily abs and killer dance moves, Brit Brit turned out to be a Fembot and she had to die. :(

Did you see it? Of course you did! Your older brother probably has a scratched copy on DVD somewhere.
Would she win an Oscar? It's fair to say that Beyonce snatched the lil' golden man on this one before Brit even came close to it. 

9) David Bowie in Zoolander

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Don't let anyone tell you that Bowie's cameo in Zoolander wasn't the greatest thing he ever did. Bowie just happened to be in the warehouse to officiate Derek and Hansel's model Walk Off and it is still, to this day, the greatest plot twist of all time. 

Did you see it? DEFINITELY! Bowie is iconic!
Would he win an Oscar? Hang on... he didn't win an Oscar for this? Well, damn.

8) Holly Valance in Taken

20th Century Fox / via imdb.com

You know in Taken, when Best Dad Ever Liam Neeson takes his careless daughter to meet her favourite popstar, Sheerah? Well, did you know that Sheerah was actually a real life very famous Australian popstar Holly Valance?! Nope? You learn something new everyday! 

Did you see it? You've DEFINITELY sat through the traumatic experience of watching Taken a few times but you've probs never seen or heard of Holly Valance in your life. (10 points to Gryffindor if you have!)
Would she win an Oscar? Sadly not eligible. Ever.

7) Gwen Stefani in The Aviator

Warner Bros. / via pinterest.com

Gwen Stefani? As in... THE Gwen Stefani!? Well damn, Leo! Gwen played the role of Jean Harlow, a famous old Hollywood actress and she looked GLAM af but we were too busy staring at Leo's baby face to even notice that was her!

Did you see it? Nooooope. 
Would she win an Oscar? NO. GIVE THE OSCAR TO LEO. 

6) Dave Grohl in The Muppets

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Did you see it? Stop pretending... of course you saw The Muppets movie!
Would he win an Oscar? Well, he should have! He truly disappeared into the role!

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5) McFly in Just My Luck

20th Century Fox /via pinterest.com

McFly?! In a Lindsay Lohan movie?! You better believe it. They played erm... themselves... except Chris Pine was trying to find them a producer so they could hit the big time with their single, "Five Colours In Her Hair". Oh, if only it has worked out... *smirk emoji*

Did you see it? Yeah, but you probs thought that was Marcus Butler the YouTuber and a bunch of his friends. 
Would they win an Oscar? Let's not get carried away... maybe an MTV Movie Award? That's better.

4) Michael Jackson in Men In Black 2


Yes, that really is the King of Pop. And no, we totally didn't realise that he was in this movie until it came to researching and writing this list of movie cameos. LOL.

Did you see it? Well, yeah... obviously. But it wasn't as good as the first one.  
Would he win an Oscar? Let's get real, MJ's 20 second appearance was met with such passion and conviction that we're surprised he didn't even scoop a nomination. 

3) Troye Sivan in X-Men Origins: Wolverine


SWEET BABY TROYE! Troye played a young James Logan in the pre-pre-prequel to the X-Men movies - or a young Hugh Jackman, whichever impresses you more. He reportedly beat out thousands of kids from across the globe to become young Wolverine... and score the once in a lifetime chance to star opposite Will.i.Am. Oh yeah, he's in this film too!

Did you see it? Probably. But you totally didn't realise that was Troye, did you?
Would he win an Oscar? A thousand times yes!

2) Fall Out Boy in Sex Drive

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FOB made a mind boggling appearance in the teen comedy Sex Drive in which they find themselves stranded in an Amish town after their tour bus breaks down. They play a gig in the local barn (?!) and everyone has a lovely time. Sounds like a dream tbh!

Did you see it? Hahahahaha no.  
Would they win an Oscar? Everything FOB do deserves an Oscar. Come on!

1) Blink 182 in American Pie

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Blink (no pun intended) and you'll miss them! Travis, Mark and Tom ended up catching Jim's awkward live stream alongside a monkey for reason we'll NEVER understand and thus created the best and weirdest musician movie cameo of all time. 

Did you see it? Of course you did! It's a rite of passage for any teen!
Would they win an Oscar? Lol, nice try! But that monkey tho...