17 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Never Watch Game Of Thrones

30 August 2017, 16:34 | Updated: 30 August 2017, 16:44

Game of Thrones
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

So it's about incest, right?

1. We have some good news if you’ve never watched Game of Thrones. The latest season of the show finished on Monday. You're life can finally return to normality. 

HBO/Game of Thrones


2. Meaning you won’t have to tolerate the GoT chatter on Twitter anymore.




3. And, even better, it looks like the show won’t be returning till 2019, as the show needs more time to prepare for it’s final season.



4. That’s two whole years away! Rejoice!

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5. You’ve probably been very confused by all this talk of whitewalkers, dragons and three-eyed ravens.




6. But tried to join in with the banter anyway.




7. With...erm...mixed results.




8. To be fair, you do have the basics of the show down.

GOT meme



9. No, seriously, what is up with all the incest?



10. ?!??!??!?!??!



11. When push comes to shove, you're more of a Leslie Knope than a Cersei.




12. When people ask you about Tormund's apparent death in the season finale.

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13. When you out yourself as a non-GoT fan.




14. When you're not a fan of GoT, you're completely outcasted from society. No one seems to 'get' you.

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15. But, as my mother always told me, it takes strength not to follow the crowd.

HBO/Game of Thrones


16. At least the horror is over...for now. 

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