16 Times New Girl Nailed The Struggle Of Not-Quite-Adult Life

6 November 2015, 17:42 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

How exactly does one 'adult'?

The life of a not-quite-adult is a complicated one. The transition between your college years into ~actual working adult~ life can be traumatic, even for the best of us. (Mainly because we can't bear to let go of week day Netflix marathons in the same way Rose let go of Jack in Titanic.) 

New Girl manages to nail the struggle EVERY TIME. Has there ever been a show more relatable to our not-so-adult lives? LET'S SEE...


1) When you think spending this much on a bottle of wine makes you the most successful adult to ever adult.

Double points if you picked up Pinot Noir instead of Rosè to seem more grown up at the check out. 


2) When you tried to strike the balance between being healthy and still living your life to the fullest.

Pfff, whatever. You can exercise when you're dead!


3) When you spent your entire post-college unemployment in a serious relationship with Netflix.

Unemployed? More like FUN-employed!


4) When your interviewer asks about your relevant experience.

Hey! You were proud of that half-novel!


5) Whenever you're dragged to dinner with your judgmental parents...

What fresh hell is this?! 


6) And when you're minding your own business at a family event and one of your weird aunts asks what you're up to these days...

Can u just let me live plz?


7) When you haven't got a match on Tinder for a whole 10 days and you start taking it to heart...

Someone? Anyone? Please?


8) Come to think of it, you handle all your relationship woes in the most adult of ways.



9) When you finally embraced the fact that pancakes are the only thing you know how to cook.



10) When you just can't handle going out and socialising with all the other adults.

You honestly don't understand how people over the age of 24 can still go to a noisy, jam-packed club and have a good time.


11) When someone invites you out on a Saturday after a long, hard sleep-stealing week at work...

"No Jessica, I don't want to go to Becky's irrelevant party with you. I WANT TO SLEEP DAMMIT!"


12) When this is literally the extent of your politics knowledge...

Sorry but if being an adult means understanding politics then you can delete my subscription.


13) Whenever you see a bunch of rowdy teens.

It's only 'cause you're completely jealous of them tbh. 


14) When you think you've FINALLY got the hang of this adult thing...

Seems legit...


15) But you're actually not quite nailing it as well as you'd hoped. 



16) And when you agreed with 100% of the gifs on this list and come to this realisation...

*updates Facebook profile with this gif immediately*




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