11 Completely Innocent Things "Supernatural" Ruined For Us All

12 August 2016, 06:00 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Things Supernatural Ruined Header
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

I will never look at Plaid shirts in the same way again.

After 11 seasons of Supernatural, nothing is sacred. Everything we thought we knew, has changed. Here's a list of completely normal and innocent things that have been RUINED by Dean and Sam's sneaky ways.

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1) Plaid Shirts

What once was a simple pattern, is now a trigger to the exact moment, episode and season you first saw it. You will never look at Plaid shirts in the same way again.

2) Angels

Remember when you were growing up, and you thought Angels were sweet little cherubs. Well, technically they still are except with extreme levels of added sassiness and severe mood swings.

3) Trench Coats 

It doesn't matter how many times Burberry try and sell you an overpriced Trench Coat, you'll always think of Castiel. THERE IS NO ESCAPE. EVEN ON THE STREETS!

4) Wax Figures and/or Mannequins.

Always keep one eye on the mannequins in a store and NEVER go to Madame Tussauds... EVER!

5) Sulfur

At the mere thought, mention or smell of sulfur... you're already thinking in your head how you're going to escape if a demon manifests itself.

6) Ball Pits 


Thank god we’re too old for the jungle gym 'cause FFS... #RIPtoTheBallWasher

7) Sudden temperature changes.


Just a simple summer breeze? THINK AGAIN MY FRIENDS! I'm out of here. BYE.

8) Unicorns


What kind of sick and twisted show would do that to such a fan favourite mythical creature? Ruined. Forever. Goodbye childhood. Goodbye hopes and dreams.

9) Mirrors 


One day, you will live in a house with absolutely ZERO mirrors. You really can't afford to that those chances at this point in time. #BloodyMary

10) Pie

Whenever someone says pie, you fly into an eternal rage for Dean has brainwashed us all. A pie is no longer just a pie. A pie is sacred. A pie is EVERYTHING. And above all... a pie is NOT a cake. 

11) Salt 

What it actually is: A simple condiment.
What Supernatural Fans think it is: Something that is 100% necessary for human survival.

Bring on Season 12 tbh... our lives can't be ruined anymore than they already are.