Raising Dion: The ending and major twist explained

7 October 2019, 17:44

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Is Michael B. Jordan's character Mark a ghost? Is Brayden Possessed? How did [SPOILER] become the "Crooked Man"? Here's everything you need to know about that intense ending and plot twist.

Netflix's Raising Dion has been a long time coming. The new dramedy stars Alisha Wainwright (Nicole Warner) and Michael B Jordan (Mark Warner) as the parents of super-charged eight-year-old, Dion (Ja’Siah Young). Following the tragic death of her husband, Nicole must now learn to cope with raising an unusually gifted child with powers that include telekinesis, teleportation, invisibility and healing abilities.

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The series delivers plenty of laughs and emotional moments but nothing compares to the absolutely bonkers twist in the final two episodes. In case you needed a quick explainer about what happened to Pat, whether Mark is a ghost, and why Brayden has turned evil in episode nine's final moments, here's everything you need to know.

WARNING: Major Raising Dion spoilers ahead

Raising Dion season 1
Raising Dion season 1. Picture: Netflix

How did Pat become "Crooked Man"?

The biggest twist of the season came when it was revealed that Pat is none other than the "Crooked Man". In the retelling of Mark's superpower origin story, Pat's own experience with the Aurora Event was conveniently left untold.

Later, however, we learn that when Pat left the yurt to investigate the radiation levels on that fateful night, he was exposed to the falling matter, which gave everyone else abilities. Once exposed to the radiation, Pat does not get powers like everyone else. Instead, he gets sicker and sicker.

When Pat returns to his normal life after the Aurora event, we see that he is prone to uncontrollable rages and begins his pattern of consuming other powered people to stay alive – even accidentally killing his best friend, Mark.

When Pat realises Dion can heal living things, his desire to get closer to Nicole and Dion increases tenfold as he now believes he can be cured.

Jason Ritter in Raising Dion
Jason Ritter in Raising Dion. Picture: Netflix Screenshot

Is Dion's dad Mark alive?

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest mysteries and unanswered questions of the entire series. The character, played by Michael B. Jordan, was killed in New Orleans by "The Crooked Man" but we see his ghostly apparition multiple times throughout the series.

After Dion and Nicole battle "The Crooked Man" at the end of the season, a not-so-ghostly version of Mark emerges. Dion and Nicole hold him and even kiss him.

"Energy never dies. So, whatever that thing was...it's still out there," Mark warns Dion and Nicole. This is a two-fold message, though, and Dion quickly chimes in that he's going to figure out a way to bring Mark back.

For now, it seems that Mark is in between life and death. His energy has lived inside of "The Crooked Man" for some time but him appearing to Nicole and Dion after the big battle proves that he is still out there and able to connect with the human world in some capacity.

Michael B Jordan Mark alive Raising Dion ghost dead
Michael B Jordan Mark alive Raising Dion ghost dead. Picture: Netflix
Raising Dion is Mark alive or a ghost?
Raising Dion is Mark alive or a ghost? Picture: Netflix

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Did the Crooked Man possess Brayden in the end?

We met Brayden early on in the series. He is the young telepathic son of Walter Mills, a farmer who also gained abilities after the Aurora Event.

A couple of clues tell us something isn't quite right with Brayden. He is seemingly prone to anger and vengeance and hates living on the farm with his aunt after his father's death.

In the final scene of Raising Dion season 1, we are taken back to the farm and see that Brayden has killed his aunt and is seemingly possessed by a dark presence. If we think back to Mark's warning that "energy never dies. So, whatever that thing was...it's still out there", it's clear that "The Crooked Man" has fled into Brayden, who is likely the nearest powered person other than Dion.

As the thunder and lightning crackles beneath his skin and his eyes are completely blacked out, it becomes clear that Brayden is possessed by the same force that has terrorised the survivors of the Aurora event for years.

Brayden possessed
Brayden possessed. Picture: Netflix

If Raising Dion gets a second season at Netflix, we may see Brayden and Dion go up against one another for a massive season 2 showdown.

What did you guys think of the huge Raising Dion twist?