Read The Black Hood Killer's Note From 'Riverdale'

26 October 2017, 11:57 | Updated: 26 October 2017, 11:59

Riverdale killer asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Does the letter reveal a hidden clue about his next target?

It's all fun and games until the Riverdale killer starts leaving notes.

On this week's jam-packed episode of Riverdale, Archie forms a hunky neighbourhood watch, Kevin Keller goes for a cruise in the woods, and our Black Hood killer gets a bit Zodiac on us with a chilling letter. 

The Cooper family are, once again, caught up in the drama, after the Black Hood leaves a note to be published in the town paper. Betty cooper riverdale killer

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Initially, Betty questions the authenticity of the note but is soon presented with "souvenirs" from the killer's crusade.

(So THAT'S what happened to Fred Andrews' wallet)

Riverdale killer souvenirs

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Hal and Alice take the Black Hood's note to Sheriff Keller, who does a dramatic reading of the manifesto. 
Sheriff Keller reading the Black Hood Killer note

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So, what exactly did the Black Hood's note say? 

Read the chilling letter for yourself. 

"This is The Black Hood. I am the man who shot the adulterer at Pop's. I killed the child predator at Greendale. I shot the drug and sex addicted teenagers at Lover's Lane. Riverdale is not innocent. It's a town of hypocrites, degenerates, and criminals. My wrath is the price of your lies, your secrets, your sins. I will not stop. I cannot be stopped. I am the wolf. You are the flock. This is the bloodletting. You will hear from me again."

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Well, that's...heavy to say the least. Could we be dealing with a religious fanatic here? What does "I am the wolf" mean? Is that a clue? It's now starting to seem like we have an overzealous vigilante on our hands.

This killer is definitely dynamic. We'll say that.