17 Savage Tweets That Sum Up The First Episode Of "Riverdale" Season Two

12 October 2017, 16:13

Riverdale Reaction Tweets
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"Am I the only one that thinks Veronica's dad is a snack?"

1) Can you really call it Riverdale if Archie isn't shirtless though?


2) Veronica is BRAVE.


3) Honestly still shook from that Miss Grundy scene. 


4) Basically Cheryl walking into every room from now on.


5) For real... KILTS?! IN A FIELD?! Wait till her father hears about this.


6) Did someone say... murder suspect?


7) I know they say shower sex is irresponsible but to be honest, it's actually helping the environment and conserving water so...


8) Tall guy, green eyes. LET'S GO. 


9) You can't say they don't give us what we want.


10) Anyone who is a white male with eyes is a suspect.


11) Literally every single episode.


12) Can you believe we're gonna have to go through this 22 times this season?!


13) I've never sleuthed so hard in my life.


14) When the rest of us heard the drug name jingle-jangle.


15) Also the rest of us when someone asks if we've ever read the original comics.


16) Always.


17) Jughead is cancelled. Hiram Lodge is DADDY.