All five Scream movies ranked from worst to best

21 January 2022, 17:08

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By Sam Prance

Five iconic Scream movies stand before me but I have only one photo in my hands.

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Hello Sidney! Scream is back with a fifth movie so what better time than now to rank all five Scream films from worst to best.

Scream, aka Scream 5, picks up 25 years after the events of the original movie took place. The film brings back Sidney, Gale and Dewey, and it focuses on a new group of Woodsboro teens who are terrorised by a new Ghostface killer. Since coming out, Scream has received widespread acclaim from fans and critics and it debuted at Number 1 on the US box office.

How does Scream compare to its predecessors though? And which Scream movie is best? Here lies our official ranking.

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Every Scream movie ranked
Every Scream movie ranked. Picture: United Archives GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo, AA Film Archive / Alamy Stock Photo, Brownie Harris/ Paramount/ The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

5) Scream 3

It's not a bad film per se but Scream 3 just can't compete with the rest of the franchise. The plot is a little all over the place, it lacks any real scares, and the Ghostface reveal is one of the weakest. Nevertheless, it's still really funny. Parker Posey is hilarious as Jennifer Jolie and Courteney Cox's bangs remain one of the most iconic hairstyles in cinematic history.

4) Scream 4

The main problem with Scream 4 is that it feels a little more like a CW series than an actual Scream film at times. However, when you stop comparing it to the other films, Scream 4 is actually really entertaining. The meta intro never gets old and Jill's Ghostface reasoning being that she wants to be famous is inspired. A top tier Emma Roberts performance.

3) Scream (2022)

Now, we're talking. While it may not make you jump as much as the first two Scream movies, Scream (2022) manages to capture the spirit of what makes Scream so great. The script is hilarious, the plot is well-crafted and the new cast really manage to hold their own with the original stars. It's also the most emotional of all five movies. A triumph.

All five Scream movies ranked from worst to best
All five Scream movies ranked from worst to best. Picture: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

2) Scream

Yes. I've put Scream in second place. Don't stab me. The 1996 slasher is the definition of a perfect horror film. It's genuinely terrifying while also managing to turn the genre on its head. Drew Barrymore's opening death is a work of art and the movie keeps you on edge right until the final moments. Neve Campbell is the ultimate final girl. Sidney Prescott forever.

1) Scream 2

Hear me out. Scream 2 is the rare kind of sequel that actually builds upon the original. The kills are more dramatic, the side characters are more iconic and it really encapsulates Scream's magic formula of horror and humour. From Jada Pinkett-Smith and Sarah Michelle Gellar's deaths to Laurie Metcalfe's Ghostface reveal, Scream 2 is unmatched.

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