MCR & TØP Songs Retold By 'The Simpsons' Will Be Your New Fave Meme

18 May 2017, 13:25

simpsons album meme
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Your fave bands are getting the Springfield makeover we had always dreamed of...

Your favourite yellow cartoon family just became the best new music meme on the internet.

A Reddit user recently posted the below image of Green Day songs summed up with images from The Simpsons and it quickly spread online:

Reddit: TheSaintJimmy

Personal fave? The Minority parade. It just looks LIT.

And soon, other Redditors were following suit, matching up their fave bands with the funniest scenes from the show.

Here's The Simpsons' version of MCR's finest hits:

Reddit: billiejean93

Wow, Springfield really does have a lot of parades doesn't it?

Then, of course, there was the inevitable Twenty One Pilots-themed edit:

Reddit: topaic

All about reggae Homer tbh.

This, of course, isn't the first time the world of cartoon memes and music have collided, with Spongebob bringing us all the Tumblr joy for years now but we are very much in favour of Homer and family becoming the go-to cartoon of choice for all your music meme needs.

Now, can somebody get to work on a Panic! one please?


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