INTERVIEW: Sophie Cookson Talks Starring In Netflix's Latest Series 'Gypsy'

12 July 2017, 17:04

sophie cookson
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The 'Kingsman' actress talks auditions, musicals and portraying bisexual relationships on screen in her role as Sidney alongside Naomi Watts.

"I just had an agonising wait...I think it was at least a month of, like, sheer agony."

Waiting to hear back on any acting job post-audition has got to be a tough process but when that role is a lead in new a Netflix series starring alongside Naomi Watts and directed by Sam Taylor Wood, you can only imagine how much harder it must be to stop yourself from staring at the phone all day. 

"It's nice when you get a script that you really, really want but then the pressure you put yourself under, like, I don't want anyone else to play this part!"


Fortunately for Sophie Cookson, the role of Sidney in Lisa Rubins's psychological thriller series Gypsy fit her perfectly. What's more, the 27 year old Brit finally got to play an age appropriate part who deals with issues prevalant to her generation; from the idea of the quarter-life crisis to a fresh on-screen portrayal of a bisexual relationship.

"A lot of people on Twitter (are) being like 'You represent a bisexual relationship so well', which is really nice to get that feedback because you always want to give a realistic representation of stuff".

And how was it working alongside her love interest, acting giant Naomi Watts? Any nerves before hand?

"Absolutely, I mean, I'd be crazy not to be nervous. But she's so sweet and our relationship throughout the whole show really switched between mother/sister/lover and like all of that. And she was super protective over me, especially through episode 7 she really looked after me. And it's nice as your relationship progresses as characters, developing more of a rapport as actors. As our relationship gets more intense, there's more trust, more stuff to giggle about. She's great, I learned so much from her."

20th Century Fox

While this is certainly the actor's first major series role, she had previously shot to fame as Roxy in the action hit Kingsman, the sequel to which drops later this year. And, alongside the Comic Con hysteria and online spoiler analysis, perhaps the most exciting new element to the franchise is the toys.

"I saw a little Lego figure of Roxy and that got me so psyched. It was quite retro, I really enjoyed it."

It's a long way away from Sophie's acting debut as Eponine in her school production of Les Miserables, although as we soon discovered, that's a musical that has stayed with her through the years...

PopBuzz: What was your first ever email address?

Sophie: It was named after my rabbit which is really embarassing 'cos it's another Les Mis thing. My first rabbit was called Cosette so I think it was like or something like that. I was musical obsessed as a kid.

Next stop the West End? We'd certainly pay to see a Kingsman musical at the very least.

Gypsy season one is streaming now on Netflix.

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