22 Unmistakable Stages Of Emotion After Your Fave TV Character Dies

25 October 2016, 16:48 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Fave TV Character Death
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

It's still too soon!

The death of a fictional character can be tough, even for the casual watchers amongst us. We've all been through it. In fact, this has happened to me on exactly SEVEN occasions. Each one as devastating as the next. 

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You know the warning signs. You’ve seen rumours and may have heard about a potential character death. You're almost finished with the episode and you suddenly realise that something terrible is about to go down. Your favourite character is in the scene. At that point, you know it’s coming. You thought you were ready... but you were absolutely NOT.

And so begins your emotional journey...

1) When it happens, you sit in silence. Staring at the TV in disbelief. 

2) The credits roll and you scream, "THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN?!”

3) Suddenly, you can no longer see the TV screen. You’re drowning in a water pool of your own tears.

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4) The denial begins. "THEY CAN’T BE DEAD!” you cry! 

5) "Surely they’ll come back next season… it’s all a dream, right? IT HAS TO BE!”

6) This goes on for 3 days until you discover an exit interview from the actor.

7) It's very real. Your tears get stronger.

8) You find yourself in the shower, tears streaming down your face, chanting "WHYYYY WHYY WHYYYY!?"

9) You get out of the shower. You start to think this is a personal attack. 

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10) You consider @-ing the writer of the show to express your anger with many swear words. 

11) Instead, you settle for subtweets and passive aggressive reblogging on tumblr. 

12) You might even make internet friends. Lost souls who share your misery and sadness.

13) You seriously consider quitting the show and never watching it again.

14) Sadness strikes again. You just cry… for an extended period of time.  

15) You embark on a month long re-watch so you can relive the good times.

16 ) You get angry again because you were reminded of all the good times. 

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17) You delve into the dark world of fan fiction because some kind soul has created an Alt-Universe where your character is still alive.


19) You try to find a new favourite character but none of them will ever live up to your dearly departed.

20) Then you decide it's probably best you don’t get attached to another character ever again.

21) You finally accept what happened as you settle down to watch the new season.

22) But really, you haven’t accepted it at all.

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