Erica From “Stranger Things 2” Is Everyone’s Fave New Character And She’s Savage AF

31 October 2017, 17:03 | Updated: 31 October 2017, 17:05

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

I bet Erica Sinclair could take down the shadow monster with one simple side-eye.

Let's get real for a second here... it is a known FACT that Erica Sinclair was the best character in Stranger Things 2 and it's about time everyone else stopped acting brand new.

Legend Erica is played by 11-year-old actress Priah Ferguson. According to Matt Duffer, she was a local hire from Atlanta that they brought in to play Lucas's sister who wasn't even meant to have that much screen time. She was so brilliant in the role, they decided to include her in more scenes. And well, eventually she became the breakout character from season two.

Erica Sinclair is a QUEEN.


Honestly would not like to have to face her wrath after a hard day at work.


All those in favour of shifting the focus of the series from Will to Erica say "NERDDDDDD".


PSA: We're starting an Erica Fight Club next week.


Season three Erica is going to be amazinggggggggg. 




Put some damn respect on her name.


She ENDED Dustin before he even began.


She could probably end the shadow monster too.


Lyanna Mormont is SHAKING tbh.


Impeach him and inaugurate her.


Erica will be having NONE OF YA SHIT TODAY, TOMORROW OR IN SEASON THREE. Thank you and goodnight.