12 Unmistakable Signs You're The Castiel Of Your Friendship Group

4 February 2016, 10:53 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

You're too precious for this world, aren't you?

Are you the Castiel of your friendship group? Check em' off as you go!

1) You're partial to a statement Trench coat. 

The CW / via giphy.com

Office chic 24/7, assbutt.

2) In fact, fall fashion is literally the only reason to "exist".

The CW / via giphy.com

Every day is a runway.

3) You’re ~literally~ an angel.

The CW / via giphy.com

Sent from heaven to assist your squad. 

4) You’ve been shipped with your besties many a time.

The CW / via giphy.com

The stronger the rumours, the stronger the friendship.

5) You've accepted your role as the designated third wheel.

The CW / via giphy.com


6) You’re like, reaaally great at playing Twister.

The CW / via giphy.com

You're not to be underestimated during Game Night.

7) You’re the weakest of the bunch when it comes to pop culture references.

The CW / via giphy.com

Like honestly, unless they're referencing Supernatural, you don't need to hear it.

8) You’re also the weakest at delivering insults.

The CW / via giphy.com


9) You’re cute AF.

The CW / via giphy.com

Congrats to you.

10) You’re the designated drinker.

The CW / via giphy.com

Someone's gotta do it.

11) Your people skills are rusty as - wait for it... HELL.

The CW / via giphy.com

Don't try to deny it!

12) And most of all... you’re basically god.

The CW / via giphy.com

12 our of 12? Yep... you're Castiel!

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