The Order season 2: News, spoilers, release date, cast and everything you need to know

15 March 2019, 17:39 | Updated: 15 March 2019, 17:41

By Sam Prance

Will there be a second season of The Order on Netflix? Find out all the information here...

The Order is Netflix's biggest new show. Ever since it was released this month (Mar 8), viewers have been obsessed with the supernatural teen drama. It tells the story of Jack Morton (Jake Manley) during his first year at Belgrave University. So far so normal, except for the fact that Belgrave is a hotspot for secret societies, magic and werewolves and Jack is quickly caught up in all of it. Think Teen Wolf meets Riverdale.

With that in mind, it should come as no shock that fans of the series are already wondering if and when there will be a second season. From its young cast to its plot twists, people are obsessed with The Order. If that weren't enough, season 1 ends on a massive cliffhanger and now fans are desperate to find out what happens next. Find out everything you need to know about The Order season 2 here.


The Order season 2: Release date, cast, trailer, plot, spoilers etc.
The Order season 2: Release date, cast, trailer, plot, spoilers etc. Picture: Netflix

Will The Order return for season 2?

As it stands, Netflix is yet to renew The Order for a second season but it seems likely that it will. Netflix rarely runs shows for just one season and The Order is already proving popular. Perhaps more importantly, it looks as though the team behind the series already have plans for season 2. Given that Jack and the werewolves have now lost their memories, we are sure that will be explored in a follow up season.

Netflix usually announce if their shows have been renewed within the first few months after they air. We shall update you as they reveal anything.

When will The Order season 2 come out?

Again The Order season 2 hasn't been confirmed yet so there is no official date right now. That being said, Netflix tend to put out their shows on an annual basis. Taking that into consideration, it would not be out of order to assume season 2 of The Order could air in March 2020. Netflix series usually stick to the same amount of episodes per season, so we reckon there will be 10.

Who will be in The Order season 2?

As long as The Order is renewed for a second season, it seems likely that all of the main cast will return. Expect to see Jake Manley (Jack), Sarah Grey (Alyssa), Adam DiMarco (Randall), Louriza Tronco (Gabrielle), Aaron Hale (Brandon), Thomas Elms (Hamish), Devery Jacobs (Lilith), Jedidiah Goodacrew (Kyle) and Katharine Isabelle (Vera) all feature, unless they move onto other projects.

As for the actors behind the deceased characters - Max Martini (Edward), Sam Trammell (Professor Eric Clarke), Ajay Friese (Amir), Matt Frewer (Peter), Favour Onwuka (Drea) - it seems unlikely that they will be back but anything can happen in The Order.

What will happen in The Order season 2?

Again nothing has been said regarding spoilers for the plot of The Order season 2 yet but we have no doubt that the season will explore the relationship between Jack and Alyssa further now that Alyssa has wiped his memory. As to whether or not, he will know he's still a werewolf is another matter as the season ended with him forgetting everything including his name.

It's also unclear if the other werewolves will still be aware of their identities but we imagine that, if they find out what's been done to them, they will take revenge on The Order. In other words, expect a lot of drama in season 2.

What do you think will happen?