Tiny Pretty Things soundtrack: Every song in the Netflix series

15 December 2020, 17:03 | Updated: 18 December 2020, 09:15

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By Katie Louise Smith

From Halsey and Faunea to Jane Delaney's Monster, here's all the songs from Netflix's Tiny Pretty Things.

Netflix is back at it again. New teen mystery drama Tiny Pretty Things was released on the platform in December and it's already got viewers hooked.

Set in a competitive and highly prestigious ballet school in Chicago, Tiny Pretty Things is jam packed full of drama, sex, drugs and, of course, deadly sabotage. Oh, and there's a lot of impressive dancing, which means the show also has a banging soundtrack.

From the opening track by Jane Delaney right the way through to Halsey's 'Nightmare' and beyond, here's every single song in season one.

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Tiny Pretty Things soundtrack: Every song from the Netflix show
Tiny Pretty Things soundtrack: Every song from the Netflix show. Picture: Netflix

Tiny Pretty Things episode 1 songs

Jane Delaney - ‘Monster’

Crush Club - ‘My Man’

MUNA - ‘I Know A Place’

CLAVVS - ‘Slow Drive’

Emily Rowed - ‘Glowing In The Dark’

Tiny Pretty Things episode 2 songs

Rupert Pope & John Robertson - ‘Lifelife’

Tritional & Shanahan - ‘Show U Love’

La+ch - ‘Crave’

James Jandrisch - ‘Not Your Enemy’

Emily Rowed - 'Standing Still'

Faunea - 'Sound of Breaking'

Sigrid - 'Don't Kill My Vibe'

Tiny Pretty Things episode 3 songs

Olly Anna - 'Repeat That'

Dralms - 'A Dream Within Reason'

BOBBi- 'Calling Out'

Headband - 'On That'

Deeds Plus Thoughts - 'The World's Made Up Of This And That'

Saba Joon - 'Tippin'

Darien Kyle ft. T-Moe - 'Sneak'

Crush Effect - 'It's Gonna Be Alright'

Josh Sahunta - 'Summertime'

Andrea Di Giovanni - 'Shame Ressurection'

Tom Boy - 'One Night Stand'

Halsey - 'Nightmare'

Tiny Pretty Things episode 4 songs

Sly Ty - 'Handle It'

Kallitechnis - 'Ego Talk'

Two Feet - 'You?'

Patrick Watson - 'Broken'

The Velveteins - 'Love in a Modern Age'

Naomi August - 'Downtown'

Faunea - 'Sound of Breaking'

Betta Lemme - 'Give It'

Kylie Jefferson as Nevaeh Stroyer in Tiny Pretty Things
Kylie Jefferson as Nevaeh Stroyer in Tiny Pretty Things. Picture: Netflix

Tiny Pretty Things episode 5 songs

Metric - 'Now or Never Now'

Parquet Courts - 'Wide Awake'

Kandle - 'Sink N Sin'

K+Lab feat. Def3 - 'Cha Ching'

DTSLL - 'Good to You'

BIIANCO - '13 Dead End Drive'

Tiny Pretty Things episode 6 songs

Sophia Eris - 'Feel the Burn'

I M U R - 'Afterglow'

Raf Riley, Ashton Casey & Marc Williams - 'Heart Like Mine'

Minke - 'Something Better'

Tiny Hill and His Orchestra - 'Ida Sweet as Apple Cider'

CLAVVS - 'Lay Back'

Jon Bryant - 'Superstition'

Youngblood - 'Easy Nothing'

Tiny Pretty Things episode 7 songs

In The Valley Below - 'Rise'

Reuben and the Dark - 'Dancer'

Laurent Bourque - 'Lightning Mood'

RKID - 'Head in the Game'

Passion Victim ft. Darien Kyle - 'Iron Fist'

Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy & Ambrose Arnold - 'So Playa'

Steph Copeland - 'Hit Me'

Aza Nabuko - 'Fade Away'

Tiny Pretty Things episode 8 songs

Raphael Lake & Eric Brooks - 'Focused On Me'

Adaline - 'Part of You (Adult Karate Remix)'

AM & Jarrell Parry - 'Touch'

Ms. Triniti - 'Let's Celebrate'

Headband - 'Nobody Does It Better'

Adaline - 'Part of You'

Rose Cousins - 'One Way'

Laura Reznek - 'You Are Bad'

Tiny Pretty Things episode 9 songs

Jade the Moon - 'The Tide'

Blacc Bears - 'Crash the Party'

Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine - 'I'm Yours'

Lowell - 'Bitter Rivals'

Lex Junior - 'Spotlight'

Priscilla G - 'Ooh Baby Baby'

Fake Shark - 'Feel Alive'

Harry Styles - 'Adore You'

Hozier feat. Mavis Staples - 'Nina Cried Power'

Tom Belton - 'I'm a Dreamer'

Nuela Charles - 'Known Better'

Geoffroy - 'When Everything is Gone'

Tiny Pretty Things episode 10 songs

Tove Lo - 'Passion and Pain Taste the Same When I'm Weak'

Feelswithcaps - 'Drains'

Crush Effect - 'Get High'

Jasper Sloan Yip - 'Strangers'

Dominique Fils-Aimé - 'Nameless'

Moodie. - 'Murky Love'

Erasure - 'Chains of Love'

ROYAL - 'Rebel'

Emotional Oranges - 'Motion'

Sofi Tukker - 'Ballet'