Netflix Travelers season 4: Release date, cast, theories, and everything we know so far

18 December 2018, 11:23 | Updated: 18 December 2018, 12:10

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Travelers season 3 arrived on Netflix on December 14. Season 3 episode 10 left fans wondering what was going to happen next following the thrilling finale episode, "Omega Protocol". With the stakes higher than ever, what can fans expect from a potential season 4?

The heart stopping season 3 finale of Netflix's Travelers undoubtedly had fans wishing for renewal and season 4 production news. With the fate of the entire traveler team currently unknown, renewal news from Netflix cannot come fast enough.

What theories has the internet come up with about Travelers season 4 and when can fans expect renewal news? Here's everything we've seen and heard so far.

Will there be a season 4 of Travelers?

Netflix took over production duties from Showcase after season 2, which means renewing Travelers for season 4 is entirely up to the streaming platform.

It's still early days, and Netflix has not publicly announced a renewal or cancellation decision for Travelers. Based on what we know about the streaming platform, the decision will likely come down to factors like viewing figures as well as audience and critical reception. The show's creator Brad Wright tweeted: "good reviews and ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes can help us a lot."

Presumably, "help us" means that Wright is keen to make another season of the beloved sci-fi show. So far, fan reaction to season 3 has been positive, with viewers expressing a desire to see a follow up to that heart-stopping episode 10 ending.

We'll update this post when more information becomes available.

Travelers season 4 cast theories

The brilliant writers behind Travelers gave fans a lot to consider before the series hopefully returns for season 4. With the initial iteration of the Traveler programme basically imploding due to the Faction, a "version 2" might see fans becoming attached to a whole new Traveler team.

That said, there were plenty of theories online that argued for and against the likelihood of a whole new cast.

New characters could be on their way.
The prevailing theory is that a new cast will play our version 2 heroes. Sending MacLaren back in time to stop 001 and (maybe) die in 9/11 changed the timeline in a lot of ways. From a writing standpoint, getting a new team to stop new disasters and threats could open up a lot more storytelling possibilities. Fans will have become attached to the original team, but the doomsday scenario laid out in season 3 episode 10 feels quite difficult for the current team to come back from.

MacLaren survives 9/11 and Philip, Trevor, and Carly are still overwritten in version 2
Some theories floating around online from (hopeful) fans suggest that MacLaren might have come up with a way to survive the towers and aid the Traveler programme in a different way.

"I think they're literally going to start the next season with a Mac that has lived in both timelines reuniting with his team when they take Philip, Trevor, Carly and maybe Marcy." wrote Redditor actuallyliam13.

This is an interesting theory that would allow many members of the cast and their characters to return in a new Travelers timeline.

Netflix Travelers
Netflix Travelers Trevor, Carly, Marcy, and Philip . Picture: Netflix

Will Marcy and David be alive in season 4?

At the end of season 3, we see Marcy and David in the back of a bus, suggesting that in version 2 of the programme, they are both alive.

Because 001 was never sent back, and never performed any tests on Marcy, David never becomes her caseworker and they meet organically on the bus. It's unclear if Marcy and David will be in season 4 of Travelers, though it is possible for them to appear as a civilian couple.

After both of their emotional and dramatic deaths, the finality (albeit hopefulness) of the last scene, makes it unclear if the show's writers can just reset the relationship to its previous dynamic.

Of course, anything can happen and we'll all just have to wait and see what Netflix decides.

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Production schedule for Travelers

Netflix has always debuted new seasons of Travelers in December. In March 2018, Travelers was renewed for another season. By July 2018, the cast had finished filming season 3.

If we're going by this last production cycle, fans should hear renewal news between now and March 2019 with filming completed in mid-summer and season 4 arriving in December.

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