15 Times #WhyICantBeAVampire Will Actually Make You Say ‘Same’

4 August 2016, 17:26 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"An immortal life without garlic is not one worth living..."

So #WhyICantBeAVampire was trending last night. We have no idea why. We can only assume people were having withdrawals from The Vampire Diaries.

Now we thought it might just be another trash hashtag but it turned out to be weirdly relatable. We were reading it and thinking 'it me' at almost every single post. Like...


1. Same.


2. I mean, mirrors are like an essential item, amirite?


3. Because, like Beyoncé...



4. Although you remind me of Buffy.


5. We wouldn't have put it like that but, um, yeah...


6. Not sure that's how the hashtag works tbh but ok we'll let you have it.


7. Some people just can't handle the truth, like this guy.


8. There are many practical issues to consider before becoming a vampire.


9. Like this.


10. Can you imagine a life without pizza? Exactly.


11. Ya'll Team Edward can delete yourself right now.



12. Me.


13. I would like to be excluded from this narrative now.


14. Wait a minute...


15. Well this changes everything.