Here's How "Grey's Anatomy" Said Goodbye To April Kepner And Arizona Robbins

18 May 2018, 12:27

April Kepner Arizona Robbins Grey's Anatomy Last Episode
Picture: ABC

By Katie Louise Smith

Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw have officially left the surgical floor.

Grey's Anatomy finally bid farewell to the beloved Dr. April Kepner and Dr. Arizona Robbins in the finale of season 14 last night (May 17) and it was emotional to say the least.

Surprisingly, the characters didn't quite get the traditional dramatic Grey's Anatomy exit that we're all used to. There were no deaths and there was no heart-wrenching sweeping shots of a taxis driving off into the distance either. April and Arizona both quietly sashayed away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital with closure for both characters and their respective relationships and a smile on their faces.

It was a bittersweet departure for both Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw too, who were axed from the show for creative reasons, and well as their loyal fans. Here's how the show said goodbye to of the best doctors who ever stepped foot on the surgical floor:


Here's how Grey's says goodbye to Arizona Robbins:

It'd been hinted - and later confirmed - in the past few episodes that Arizona Robbins would be quitting her job at Grey Sloan to move to New York so her daughter Sofia can be with both her parents and her friends at school.

While we don't actually see her leave with her suitcases in tow, it's revealed that Arizona and Sofia will be leaving soon after Jo and Alex's wedding. Arizona spends the episode texting ex-wife Callie about the big move. We also learn that Callie is no longer with Penny - thank god. At the end of the episode, Callie texts Arizona and says "Can't wait to see you!" and if you listen closely, you can almost hear the muffled cries of all the Calzona shippers screaming over the potential reunion of two fan-favourite characters.

The thought of never seeing Arizona in the OR saving babies ever again is hella sad for loyal fans of the character but knowing she's back with Callie, and they're both single and excited to see each other is the BEST farewell the show could've given her.


And here's how Grey's says goodbye to April Kepner:

The good news: Two weeks have passed in the Grey's-verse and April has fully recovered from her little trip to death's door. The sort-of bad news: she quit her job as a kick-ass trauma surgeon and is now volunteering at homeless shelters in Seattle. Truly doing the Lord's work.

As we found out in the penultimate episode, April has been seeing her ex-fiancé Matthew again - you know, the one she left at the altar for Jackson in season 10. In the finale, she invites him to Jo and Alex's wedding and at the end of the episode, he PROPOSES to her as Jackson and Arizona watch on smiling. Yep, April ends up going from wedding planner to bride in the space of 36 minutes. They end up getting married then and there. (Seriously, apart from Webber and Bailey respectively, has anyone in Grey's ever actually got married at their own wedding?)

But how does she leave? Well, she doesn't. April remains in Seattle, married to Matthew and while she won't be on-screen, she'll still be existing in the background. Harriet will still grow up with both of her parents and we don't have to be sad about never seeing her again.

So there you have it. It might be over for April and Arizona at Grey Sloan, but the door has clearly been left open for Drew and Capshaw to return as special guest stars in the future, whenever that may be and should they want to.

Miss you already, Kepner and Robbins. đź’ś