Callie Returned To “Grey’s Anatomy” For Arizona’s Exit But Not In The Way You Think

18 May 2018, 15:06

Callie Arizona Grey's ANatomy
Picture: ABC

By Katie Louise Smith

You probably missed Sara Ramirez' sneaky cameo appearance in the episode.

After months of torture and sleepless nights wondering if one of our favourites was about to bite the dust, Grey's Anatomy fans were finally put out of their misery in the season 14 finale as the show said goodbye to April Kepner and Arizona Robbins.

No one died, thankfully... although it was a close call with April in the episode before. Surprisingly, both April and Arizona had happy endings that gave their characters some much needed closure. April ended up marrying her ex-fiancé Matthew and revealed that she will remain in Seattle while Arizona packed her bags, quit her job and moved to New York with Sofia.

Arizona's exit was pretty much hinted at and decided long before the finale. In fact, fans were so sure she would be moving to New York, they started speculating over the possibility that Sara Ramirez, who played Callie Torres on the show until she left in season 12, would show up for her big send off.


After her departure in season 12, both Shonda Rhimes and Ramirez both said that the door will always be open for Callie to return. With Arizona moving across the country to be with her, it sounded like the perfect time to bring her back. Unfortunately, Ramirez's Callie didn't appear in person during the episode but the producers managed to find a brilliant beyond brilliant way to incorporate her into the end of Arizona's story - and only the truest of Grey's Anatomy fans would have picked up on. (And no, we're talking about those off-screen text messages either.)

In the final scene of the show, as Jo and Alex and April and Matthew get married, "The Story" by Brandi Carlile plays in the background. Grey's Anatomy fans will instantly recognise it as one of the most iconic songs to be featured in the show but it wasn't Brandi's version, it was actually Ramirez's version from the musical episode of Grey's - and we bet you didn't even notice.

So yeah, Callie might not have been there in person to welcome Arizona home, but she was there in spirit - in the most unexpected and brilliant way possible. The lyrics of that specific song ("these stories don't mean anything
when you've got no one to tell them to, it's true, I was made for you"
) along with those text messages? Seems like a pretty strong hint that two will rekindle their relationship, right? *whispers* Thank you, Shonda. You really came through on this one.

Calzona foreverrrrrr 💜