Fans Are Boycotting "Grey's Anatomy" After Jessica Capshaw And Sarah Drew's Dismissal

12 March 2018, 16:27

April Arizona Grey's Anatomy Boycott
Picture: ABC/Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

After firing two of the most popular actors on the show, fans are tweeting #GreysAnatomyIsOverParty and openly arguing with Ellen Pompeo on Twitter... is Grey's Anatomy over?

In case you missed it, fan favourites and long-standing Grey's Anatomy cast members Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew were both "let go" for creative reasons last week and will be leaving the show in May, when the 14th season wraps up.

The news rubbed a lot of loyal fans up the wrong way for a number of reasons. While it's customary and understandable for creative decisions like this to be made in order for TV shows to progress, many fans have called out the show and its producers for the way this whole thing has gone down.

Some are angry that both Capshaw and Drew, who have both dedicated 10 years to the show and who both have HUGE fanbases, were only with the information 48 hours before it went public - on International Women's Day. Others are pissed that they chose to get rid of two characters who still had (many, MANY) important stories left to tell but the majority of the fandom are calling out Grey's, a show known for it's groundbreaking on-screen representation, for getting rid of two incredibly important characters; one member of the LGBTQ+ community with a physical disability and one who is a devout Christian.


Since the news broke, fans are boycotting the show (the show's ratings coincidentally fell to a series low on Thursday 8th, just after the news was made public) and are now trading barbs with Ellen Pompeo on Twitter after it was misconstrued that her well-deserved $20m pay rise was the reason behind the dismissal of two other actress (to be clear: it was not the reason.) In short, they're not happy at all.

Fans have also been sharing both #BoycottGreysAnatomy and #GreysAnatomyIsOverParty on Twitter and have been venting their anger and disappointment on the hashtags.

As any fan knows, drama behind the scenes at Grey's Anatomy is nothing new but is this the final straw? Has the out-of-the-blue dismissal of two of the most popular female characters on the show finally pushed its loyal fans over the edge?

While some may have already called time of death on the show a long time ago, Grey's was given a new lease of life after Derek died in Season 11 and has been serving thought provoking storylines around important social justice issues such as race bias in police shootings, emotional domestic abuse and transgender visibility with both characters and actors on the show.

When Pompeo signed a new contract, she signed on for two more potential seasons should the show be renewed by ABC. But with a good chunk of the fandom (for real, the Calzona and Japril fans have been the most vocal, passionate and loyal for years) now feeling uninvested in the show, will it even make it to season 16?

Fans of Arizona and April will no doubt watch the season finale to see whether their beloved faves make it out of Seattle alive or, god forbid, get killed off and sent to Shondaland heaven... but what happens beyond that? Time will tell...