Grey's Anatomy brings back another dead character 11 years after their death

4 December 2020, 11:37

Grey's Anatomy teases the return of another past character in season 17

By Katie Louise Smith

11 years since their final episode, another beloved Grey's Anatomy character returned in season 17 episode 4. [SPOILERS AHEAD!]

Someone get a crash cart STAT because Grey's Anatomy just brought back another iconic dead character.

After Patrick Dempsey and Derek Shepherd's surprise return in Grey's Anatomy's season 17 premiere, it was teased that even more characters from Meredith Grey's past would be returning.

Meredith is currently battling a serious case of COVID-19 and has been experiencing vivid dreams as she drifts in an out of consciousness. Derek was the first character to show up on her McDream Beach (with actual Patrick Dempsey returning for the first time since his 2015 departure.)

And now, after 11 years since his final episode, T.R. Knight's George O'Malley came back and everyone is CRYING.

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Grey's Anatomy: Another old character returns in Meredith's dream
Grey's Anatomy: Another old character returns in Meredith's dream. Picture: ABC

As Meredith lies in her hospital bed unconscious, she takes another trip to her little McDream Beach where she finds George. The two of them end up talking about life, death and her kids. "You never met them," says Meredith, before George replies: "I check in sometimes..." (BRB, just need to go and sob about it.)

Echoing her iconic season 5 finale voice over ("Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever wanna live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it?"), Mer also got the chance to tell George that he changed her life. (Sobbing about this too!)

Later in the episode, we also find out that Meredith's McDream Beach is not only open to her favourite dead characters, but also to anyone who shows up in her hospital room. After having a conversation over her bed, Dr. Bailey and Dr. Webber also end up on the beach, and the three remaining original cast members reunite with Knight's O'Malley.

How many Grey's Anatomy episodes will George be in?

It's already been confirmed that Derek will appear in more episodes in season 17 and it sounds like it might not be the end for George either. When asked if he would be back for more, Vernoff told Deadline: "I’ll say this. I thought this was a beautiful bow, and never say never. I mean, who knows. Now there’s magic possible."

Describing his return in an interview with Deadline, Knight said: "It was incredible, it was just an overwhelming feeling of love in that moment. We were apart from everybody quite a bit because that was a drone shot, and so it was just the four of us, and the sun was setting, and this big fly buzzing around our heads, and it filled me with just a lot of joy."

How did George O'Malley die? Why did T.R. Knight leave Grey's Anatomy?

Back in 2009, Knight left the show due to a "breakdown of communication" between himself and Shonda Rhimes. Instead of asking what happened, he just decided to leave: "My five-year experience proved to me that I could not trust any answer that was given [about George]. And with respect, I’m going to leave it at that."

As a result, George was killed off in the season 5 finale. After deciding to enlist as an army medic, he ends up being hit by a bus after saving a woman's life. He’s brought to Seattle Grace as a John Doe, until Meredith realises his identity when he writes 007 in her hand. He dies of his injuries on the OR table.

Meredith's case of COVID doesn't look like it'll be getting better anytime soon. Producers have also teased that more dead characters could be on the way to Mer's McDream Beach.

So who will be next? If it's not Lexie Grey, we'll see you in court x

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