How Will April And Arizona Be Written Out Of "Grey's Anatomy"?

14 March 2018, 17:11

April Arizona Grey's Anatomy Will They Die?
Picture: ABC

By Katie Louise Smith

Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew will both be leaving Grey's Anatomy at the end of season 14 - but how will they leave? Will they quit their jobs? Or will they get killed off?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew were let go by Grey's Anatomy last week and will be leaving the show after Season 14. But just how exactly will their characters, Arizona Robbins and April Kepner be written out of the show?

While there's plenty of different ways in which they could both walk away from Seattle with their lives in tact, it has been a minute since a huge main character died on Grey’s… and with the show's ratings slipping, it's only a matter of time before Shonda Rhimes pulls the plug for dramatic effect once again. Which one will die? Which one will live? Here's a few suggestions and predictions about how the pair will leave the show:


How will Arizona Robbins be written out of Grey's Anatomy?

The only way Arizona is leaving Grey Sloan is if someone hands her a shiny new opportunity that's better than the one she's already got because there's almost nothing in Seattle that is tying her down. Not even her job. Not even her romance with Carina DeLuca.

1) Arizona leaves to go to New York and reunite with Callie and Sofia.

This seems like the most likely scenario for Arizona. She could get offered a promotion at a hospital in New York and decide it would be easier to just move closer to Sofia. Even if there's no romantic reconciliation with Callie, it would certainly be a heartwarming moment for all the Calzona shippers who had their hearts torn apart when Callie left in season 12.

2) Arizona leaves to work with Herman.

We don't know about you but Arizona's career really didn't take off as much as we'd hoped after all her tutoring from the legendary Nicole Herman. The last we heard of Herman, she was at the Blind Institute. What if she's now teaching or lecturing? Could she offer Arizona a job to further develop her skills as a Fetal Surgeon?

3) Arizona leaves and heads back to Africa to further her work with children in underdeveloped countries.

Remember when Arizona left Callie and Seattle in season seven to work as a doctor in Malawi? What if Arizona is offered another opportunity and decides to take it up again? Like we said, there's nothing really tying her down to Seattle so the possibility of her moving away is high.

4) Arizona dies.

It seems highly unlikely that Arizona will die, but it would be the plot twist to end all plot twists if she did because... no one would be expecting it! But with the recent trope of TV shows killing of their LGBTQ+ characters, we're not sure Grey's would have the audacity to go there. Then again, who the hell knows these days...


How will April Kepner be written out of Grey's Anatomy?

While it looks like Arizona might get a bright and shiny happy ending, it doesn't look like April will get the same swan song. Unlike Arizona, April has one very important factor tying her to Seattle - her daughter. There's absolutely ZERO chance of April leaving with Harriet in tow because Jackson and Catherine Avery are never going to let that happen. And it would also be incredibly out of character for April to just pack up and leave her daughter behind. So, how is April gonna scrub out of Seattle?

1) April gets fired for malpractice and loses her surgical license.

Let's face it, April has had more fuck ups in the ER than Webber has clocked hours in surgery. It's only a matter of time until someone sues the hospital for her mistakes. This way, she could leave but stay in Seattle and co-parent Harriet off-screen.

2) April is offered a higher profile job, courtesy of Catherine Avery or Tom Koracick.

Like Arizona, there's still a lot of room for growth in April's career. There's a possibility that she could be offered a new position across the country from either Tom Koracick (Amelia's former mentor) or Catherine Avery, under the agreement that April gets to use the Avery private jet to visit Harriet every week.

3) April enlists and leaves Seattle to head off on tour as a US Military doctor again.

Like we said, this is highly unlikely because of Harriet, but April seems to be at a loss with herself recently with nothing going her way. When baby Samuel passed away, April dived headfirst into her career, enlisted and headed off to Iraq with Owen to train as a trauma surgeon. Could Teddy Altman's reappearance also have something to do with her decision?

4) April reunites with Matthew.

Some fans are keen to see April reunite with ex-fiance Matthew, who recently re-entered April's life as the husband of a patient that died after giving birth to their first baby. She could help him grieve for his wife and he could help her restore her faith - and she wouldn't have to leave Harriet either.

5) April dies.

The only possible way for April to realistically leave the show is - deep sigh - if she dies because it's simply far too out of character for her to abandon the daughter that means so much to her. (The same reasoning was given when it was decided how Mark Sloan’s character would exit the show. Instead of shipping him off to Los Angeles with Addison to open up his own Plastics practice, it was agreed that Mark had to die because there was no way he would've abandoned Sofia, or Callie after Arizona's leg amputation.)

Fans have reluctantly come to the conclusion that this is how April will exit the show - but how will she kick the Shondaland bucket? April is on an incredibly destructive path right now after losing her husband and her faith. Some are suggesting she'll die on the table after a drink-driving accident, while others are suggesting the heavier topic of suicide. Whatever happens, April's death would be a heartbreaking loss for the fictional characters as well as the audience... and it'll set up a nice and traumatic grief storyline for Jackson next season.

Can't we just let them run off together to start their own baby trauma hospital? We'd watch it.