Meredith Has A New Love Interest In 'Grey's Anatomy' And Everyone Hates It

18 September 2018, 15:33 | Updated: 18 September 2018, 15:36

By Katie Louise Smith

Season 15 of the medical drama is promising a new romantic relationship for Meredith but this... is not it.

Grey's Anatomy season 15 is coming and it's bringing a whole lot of new drama with it - and by drama, we mean a new love interest for our beloved Meredith Grey who absolutely NO ONE in the fandom approves of.

The trailer for the fifteenth season of the medical drama dropped yesterday (September 10) and it is jam packed with juicy drama and one big ol' romantic twist that no one saw coming. There's chaos in Webber's OR, two sexy new male doctors, a pregnant Teddy stumbling into a lift with Amelia and Owen (and his newly fostered baby) and then... Meredith. In bed. With Andrew DeLuca.


Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Trailer Meredith DeLuca
Picture: ABC

It's already been teased by show-runner Krista Vernoff that this season will be billed as the "season of love" and that Meredith will finally get another real love interest following the death of Derek in season 11.

Speaking to TV Line, Vernoff said: "I can confirm for you that Meredith Grey is very much a part of our Season of Love. Yes, [Mer]’s a single mom, and that complicates a dating life. And yes, she’s a surgical marvel with new, game changing medical ideas she’ll be pursuing. But she also hasn’t dated at all since [Martin Henderson’s] Nathan Riggs left [in Season 13]. And the one-two punch of meeting [Scott Speedman’s] Nick Marsh awoke a desire in her that she can’t put back to sleep."

“The question this season,” Vernoff adds, “is not ‘Will Meredith Grey find love again,’ but ‘With whom will she find love?'”

Needless to say, fans of the show - and fans of Meredith, in particular - aren't happy with the fact that Andrew DeLuca might now be one of those candidates.


So, are Meredith and DeLuca actually a thing? How will Maggie react when she finds out her sister has got with ANOTHER one of her previous romantic interests? Or... is it just a dream? We all know that Meredith loves a good sexy dream about her co-workers, after all. Here's hoping for the latter. Then again, you never know with Grey's...

Grey's Anatomy returns to ABC on Thursday September 27.