'Grey's Anatomy' Is Bringing Back Meredith's Dad Thatcher For Season 15

14 August 2018, 13:14

Grey's Anatomy season 15
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Jeff Perry's Thatcher Grey hasn't been seen on the medical drama since 2011 but he will reportedly return, perhaps for a medical mystery storyline planned for Meredith in season 15.

Grey's Anatomy fans are looking ahead to season 15 and 16 of the hit ABC medical drama. As is the case with most long-running dramas, Grey's Anatomy's story telling capability is boosted by the individuals in the orbit of its main characters.

Meredith Grey and her father, Thatcher, have had a contentious on screen relationship. After 8 seasons away, Grey's fans will finally see Jeff Perry return to his role as Meredith's absentee father.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Perry is headed back to the drama in season 15 to reprise his role.

What happened to Thatcher Grey, Meredith's dad?

Jeff Perry last appeared on the show in 2011 (season 7 episode 14). In the episode, entitled (P.Y.T 'Pretty Young Thing',) Thatcher shows up to the hospital with intense abdominal pain and a new young girlfriend.

In the episode, Bailey suspects that Thatcher is rejecting his new liver but later his pain is confirmed as kidney stones. Thatcher's new girlfriend and Lexie clash but manage to somewhat patch things up at the end of the episode.

Thatcher Grey
Picture: ABC/Grey's Anatomy

Jeff Perry hasn't been back as Thatcher since then.

He didn't go far, though. The veteran actor took up residence on a different hit Shondaland ABC drama. Fans became more acquainted with Jeff Perry as the scheming Cyrus Beene on Scandal.

So, what can fans expect from the sudden reappearance of Meredith's father in season 15?

Speaking to TVLine, ABC exec Channing Dungey recently hinted at some familial drama in Meredith's future. According to the exec, Meredith will look into “a medical condition that is very close to her own family background and history."

Enter Thatcher Grey?

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Either way, with season 14's big exits and Nashville's Chris Carmack headed to the popular series for season 15, the drama (familial and otherwise) is sure to be worth the wait.

Why do you guys think Thatcher is headed back to Seattle this season?