31 Haunting of Bly Manor memes that are perfectly splendid

13 October 2020, 13:32 | Updated: 14 October 2020, 01:05

Haunting of Bly Manor teases hidden ghosts in all the episodes

By Katie Louise Smith

"The Haunting of Bly Manor is realistic because I would drop all my responsibilities to listen to Carla Gugino tell me 9-hour ghost story"

Raise your hand if you started watching The Haunting of Bly Manor for the jump scares and then ended up sobbing in the dark once you'd finished? Because same.

The follow-up to The Haunting of Hill House dropped on Netflix last Friday (Oct 9) and viewers have already binged their way through the 9-episode season. Led by Victoria Pedretti, fans can't get enough of the characters and the relationships in the show.

Alongside those hidden ghosts, it seems the memes are out in full force too. Flora's "perfectly splendid" catchphrase. Dani's ex-fiancรฉ appearing in the mirrors. Peter Quint's toxic ass. Hannah Grose being a legend. Dani and Jamie reducing us all to tears...

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Here are all the best memes, tweets and reactions from Haunting of Bly Manor.

Haunting of Bly Manor memes: All the best tweets about the show
Haunting of Bly Manor memes: All the best tweets about the show. Picture: Netflix

Can I get a little commotion for the ladies?

Maybe if Henry had bought Flora a Barbie Dreamhouse instead...

Alyssa Edwards was the original Lady in the Lake and don't you forget it!

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No sleep! Lights on! Nightmare! 'Nother nightmare! Cover mirrors! Next episode!

I'd listen to Carla Gugino read the phonebook, tbh.

If Flora says "perfectly splendid" one more time...

Flora Wingrave? She does what she wants x

Surpriiiiiise, Dani!

Never looking at my reflection ever again.

Why is the electric bill so high, you ask? I'VE BEEN SLEEPING WITH THE LIGHTS ON OKAY??????

@ Rebecca Jessel, I'll be leaving my room tonight at 00:35 precisely. See u there.

Hill House and Bly Manor ruining my everyday life since 2018.

Footage of The Plague Doctor's ghost after making 35 appearances in the first episode.

It's the late '80s, why doesn't Bly Manor have any LIGHTS?

Is it a ghost? Or is it just a smudge on my laptop screen?

When you're enjoying the Dani and Jamie scene in the greenhouse but you KNOW a ghost is lurking in the foliage.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen? Get you a man who can do both.

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Dani is SICK and TIRED of Peter Quint's games!

Absolute chaos, my man.

In THIS economy?


If she's dead, then how could everyone touch her? HOW COULD SHE DRINK!?

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If I ever see Peter Quint outside my window, I'll fight him for what he did to Hannah.

Came for the jump scares, left with a broken heart.

The hand on Jamie's shoulder? Gonna need 3-5 business days to get over it.

Victoria Pedretti did that.

A moment most pleasing and also devastating to me in my career.


Dani and Jamie 4 ever.

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