Henry Cavill's Moustache Got CGI-Removed In 'Justice League' And It Looks Ridiculous

17 November 2017, 11:04

Henry Cavill, Superman Moustache
Henry Cavill, Superman Moustache. Picture: Warner Bros

By James Wilson-Taylor

Viewers are so horrified by Superman's top lip that it's already been turned into a meme.

Justice League, the superhero team-up movie that's basically like The Avengers but without a sense of humour, finally opens in cinemas worldwide this weekend (November 17th). But some fans who got an early screening have already made the movie's first meme - Henry Cavill's f*cking weird top lip!

Henry Cavill, Superman, Justice League
Henry Cavill, Superman, Justice League. Picture: Warner Bros

Let's back up a second - earlier this year, Variety reported that due to a scheduling clash, Cavill was having to do some reshoots for JL while simulataneously shooting his role in the upcoming Mission Impossible 6. Only problem is, Paramount Pictures would not allow him to shave off the moustache he is sporting in MI6 so Warner Bros had to use CGI to make sure their Superman looked clean shaven. Great plan, right guys?


Henry Cavill, Justice League, Warner Bros
Henry Cavill, Justice League, Warner Bros. Picture: Warner Bros

Don't look directly at it!

Obviously, given that Cavill now looks like a Pixar version of a Ken Doll, the internet has gone wild making fun of him. Poor bloke - his glorious facial hair didn't deserve this kind of treatment.

Here are just a few of our fave reactions so far: