These ‘How to Get Away with Murder' theories about who dies at the wedding will ruin you

19 October 2018, 16:54 | Updated: 19 October 2018, 17:00

By Sam Prance

Who died on HTGAWM Season 5?

Just four episodes in and How to Get Away with Murder is already off to a completely wild start. First things first we've been introduced to an entire new character: Gabriel Maddox. Gabriel is a law student in Annalise's third year class and fans can't get enough of his good looks and mysterious backstory. Then there's the fact that Annalise has now joined Caplan & Gold. And, last but not least, Bonnie has a child!

Yes you heard that correctly. That's not all though. HTGAWM wouldn't be HTGAWM without a gripping murder mystery and Season 5 is really delivering on that front. This time around, the flash forwards transport us to Conor and Oliver's wedding. It isn't the fairytale occasion you'd expect though. From the looks of things, Bonnie has killed someone and fans have been trying to guess who it is week on week.

And now it looks like we may finally know who it is.

Bonnie and Annalise in 'How to Get Away with Murder'
Bonnie and Annalise in 'How to Get Away with Murder'. Picture: ABC

In the flash forward at the end of Episode 4 of Season 5, Oliver is missing. He's been called to dance with Conor but no one can find him. Michaela then calls Nate to see if he will answer but here's the big catch: we then see that Bonnie has Nate's phone?! Wait a minute. So does this mean that Bonnie killed Nate at Conor and Oliver's wedding and is now trying to act like nothing happened? WHY?!

Of course this probably isn't the case. HTGAWM is notorious for giving us red herrings, so the likelihood of it being Oliver or Nate who's died is pretty slim. The episode ends with Annalise crying hysterically in her flat, though, so whoever died must be a pretty major character. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of six people we think are most likely to have been Bonnie's victim.

1) Nate


Even though it seems a little bit too likely, it goes without saying that Nate is suspect Number 1 now. Not only does Bonnie suspiciously have his phone on her at the wedding, but he is literally nowhere to be seen in the flash-forwards. To top it all off, we know that Annalise would be grief-stricken by his death.

2) Oliver


Yeah Oliver is definitely still in the running to becoming How to Get Away with Murder's next top victim. The fact that he is missing from his own wedding is fishy af. That being said, this is probably way too obvious for Shonda to get down with. Could he be involved in the murder itself?

3) Asher


We don't want to break hearts but Asher could be a goner this season. In the latest flash forward, we only see Michaela, Conor and Laurel from the Keating 5. Plus since he's been so detached from the rest of the team this season, there's a chance that the show is phasing him out.

4) Gabriel


Seeing as we don't know Gabriel's backstory yet, there definitely could be motive for anyone on the show to kill him. It seems like he's being set up as a long term character, though, so we're not sure how realistic this guess is.

5) Tegan


Boss bitch Tegan is lowkey the greatest character of the show so we will never forgive the writers if they do this to us. Nevertheless, she doesn't feature in the flash forwards and this series loves to break our hearts.

6) Bonnie's Sister


Now this a death we can get down with. Bonnie's sister may not be a huge feature in the series yet but she is literally responsible for this season's drama. She kidnapped Bonnie's child. Did Bonnie murder her?

Knowing this show, Bonnie probably isn't even the killer and someone who we haven't thought of is dead.

Is one of our theories right? What do you think?