These 'How To Get Away With Murder' Theories About Gabriel Maddox Will Blow Your Mind

28 September 2018, 17:59

By Sam Prance

The Rome Flynn character is more than meets the eye...

How to Get Away with Murder returned with its fifth season last night and it's safe to say that it was a premiere to remember. Not only did it set up a new mystery for us to sleuth (at least one person is murdered at Connor and Oliver's wedding and it looks like Bonnie's involved in it) but it also saw Annalise join Caplan & Gold (yes THAT Caplan & Gold) and Connor, Oliver, Michaela and Laurel all moved in together.

That's not all though. Without doubt the most-talked about plot-point of the episode is the official introduction of mysterious new character Gabriel Maddox. Gabriel is played by Rome Flynn (he played Zende Forrester Dominguez on The Bold and the Beautiful). He first appeared in HTGAWM at the end of Season 4 where we saw him enrolling at college with Frank spying on him saying "her kid is here" on the phone.

Fans are already putting together theories as to who he really is.

Gabriel Maddox
Gabriel Maddox. Picture: ABC // TV Globo

In the first episode of Season 5 ('Your Funeral'), we find out that Gabriel is signed up to take part in Annalise's Advanced Trial Skills class for third year law students and he immediately makes an impression. Annalise has the class pitch historic cases to the supreme court and Gabriel picks prison reform and the abolition of the US prison system. He then cockily addresses Annalise after class.

Frank is trying to kick Gabriel out of Annalise's class, so he does a search on him but only finds out that he's an activist who plays college basketball. Gabriel then targets Annalise in class saying "people who commit murder are broken" and he uses her dead husband as leverage. Frank later learns that Gabriel is a second year student but Annalise doesn't care. She even picks his case.

While all this is going on, Nate is doing DNA checks to find out if someone is Bonnie's son, leading many to believe that her son could be Gabriel. She's a match for this mystery child too. That being said HTGAWM never likes to be obvious so here are a few theories as to who Gabriel is.

Gabriel is Bonnie's son. He has to be.


A lot of people are certain that Gabriel is Bonnie's son based on the evidence so far. Bonnie was sexually abused by various men as a teenager and she allegedly had a stillborn baby but what if the baby didn't die? Judging by Nate's test that baby's still alive and could very easily be Gabriel. Maybe Frank is concerned for Bonnie and doesn't want her to know that she had a son via rape.

Could this be a little too simple for HTGAWM though?

What if Gabriel is Annalise's son?


Most people who think that the Bonnie theory is a bit too obvious are set on Gabriel being Annalise's son. Remember when Annalise lost her baby in a car crash? What if she didn't lose the baby and Frank knows and doesn't want Annalise to find out. This would explain why Frank is so adamant to get rid of Gabriel and why Gabriel knows so much about Annalise.

Is this on the money or too farfetched?

Gabriel is probably Wes' brother.


Some HTGAWM fans reckon that Gabriel must be related to Wes and could be Rose's son. Considering how integral Wes is to the show even after his death, it wouldn't shock us if Gabriel is Wes' brother. It seems unlikely because Rose was killed when Wes was so young but what if she put Gabriel up for adoption because she couldn't afford two children?

Stranger things have happened in this series.

There is a chance that Gabriel is Laurel's half-brother.


There isn't too much grounding in this theory but considering that Laurel's family is shady af we wouldn't put anything past them. Sandrine could have had a secret child and if so that would explain why Frank is so protective and concerned about him getting near Laurel. If Gabriel has bad intentions, Frank would probably do anything to keep Laurel safe.

Would you like to see this theory pan out?

Gabriel is actually Michaela's biological brother.


We know literally nothing about Michaela's biological family so it would be pretty interesting if the HTGAWM writers decided to introduce a surprise brother this season. Based on past storylines we are not holding our breath on this one but it would be pretty exciting to see Michaela take centre stage.

Why would Frank be so invested though?

Gabriel is Sam's son with another woman.


This theory isn't too popular but it could be more plausible than some of the others. Sam cheated on Annalise with Lila, so what's to say that he didn't cheat another time and have a mystery love-child? This also works with Frank trying to hide it from Annalise perhaps in an attempt to protect her.

The "her kid is here" line nulls this though.

And last but not least what if Gabriel is Tegan's son?


Tegan was one of the breakout stars of Season 4 of HTGAWM, and now she's part of the main cast, so it would make sense to flesh out her character and give her a secret son. We're 99.9% sure that this one isn't true but we would live for it and it would give us that classic HTGAWM shock factor.

Tegan is an icon regardless.

What do you think? Are any of these theories likely to happen or not? Who do you reckon Gabriel is?