'How To Get Away With Murder' fans are screaming over the shocking twist in the mid-season finale

16 November 2018, 15:51

By Sam Prance

Who is Vivian Maddox and what is Gabriel about to do to Annalise?

The How to Get Away with Murder mid-season finale aired last night and it's safe to say that fans are shook. After numerous weeks of anticipation, we finally received some answers to what went down at Connor and Oliver's wedding. Unsurprisingly it turns out that all of the theories as to who died were wrong. Instead of killing off one of our faves, Bonnie and Nate killed the one and only D.A. Miller.

Nate punched D.A. Miller after finding evidence that suggested that Miller was responsible for his father's death and Bonnie smothered him. Yeah, this finale was wild. Made even more wild by the fact that it's not even very clear whether or not Miller actually did have a hand in Nate Sr.'s death. That being said the most shocking part of the finale had to do with Vivian Maddox.

Who is Vivian Maddox in 'How to Get Away with Murder'?

Who is Vivian Maddox? Gabriel Maddox, Sam Keating and Annalise Keating
Who is Vivian Maddox? Gabriel Maddox, Sam Keating and Annalise Keating. Picture: ABC

Much of the mystery of the first half of season 5 revolved around the fact that we have no idea who Gabriel Maddox is. Ever since the first episode aired there have been suspicions that he was Bonnie's son but last night we got confirmation that he is actually the secret love child of Annalise's ex husband Sam and an unknown character named Vivian Maddox. Hold up. WHAT?!

Frank showed Annalise Gabriel's birth certificate at the wedding and then she went home to cry and process the fact that Sam had another affair she didn't know about. That's not all though. Gabriel had broken into her apartment and we've been left on a cliffhanger. Does he know that Annalise covered up Sam's murder? Does he want to kill her? Is she safe?

Most importantly though, who is Vivian? As far as we're aware we've never seen her so it looks like we'll get a new actress joining the cast next season. Unless she's been in front of our eyes all along (Tegan? - probably not but who really knows with this show). Naturally, the entire internet is still in shock.

Here are just a few of the reactions.

And we didn't even mention that, amidst all of the drama, the wedding was beautiful and the students were all on their best behaviour. Now catch us rewatching the entire season in a bid to find out who Vivian is and what Gabriel is up to.