I Am Not Okay with This director explains the "shocking" ending and teases season 2

27 February 2020, 17:40 | Updated: 27 February 2020, 17:52

By Sam Prance

How does I Am Not Okay with This end? What happens to Syndey and Stanley in the finale? Will there be a season 2?

I Am Not Okay with This season 1 has finally arrived on Netflix and fans are losing it over the completely unexpected ending.

Yesterday (Feb 26), Netflix released a brand new teen drama called I Am Not Okay with This. The show follows a teenage girl named Sydney (Sophia Lillis) who develops superpowers in the wake of her father taking his own life. The series also stars Wyatt Oleff (It, Guardians of the Galaxy) as Sydney's friend, Stanley, who helps her keep her try to control her powers.

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Each episode is gripping from start to finish but it's the plot twist in the season 1 finale that viewers can't believe. Now I Am Not Okay with This director, Jonathan Entwhistle, has helped unpack the ending and teased what's next in season 2.

What happens in the I Am Not Okay with This season 1 finale?

I Am Not Okay with This ending explained
I Am Not Okay with This ending explained. Picture: Netflix

The I Am Not Okay with This season 1 finale begins shortly after Sydney finds out that her dad, almost definitely, had powers just like her. In episode 6, she learns that her dad was the lone survivor of a mysterious explosion, while he was in the armed forces. Sydney believes that her father must have caused the explosion with his powers and took his own life out of guilt.

In episode 7, we learn that Sydney's diary has been stolen but she tries to put it and her powers behind her and go to prom like a normal teenager. She also convinces herself that whatever was following her was "all in her head". She goes with her best friend Dina and then, at prom, makes up with Stanley and tells him that she likes him just not in a romantic way.

Sydney then dances with Dina and Dina tells her that she "didn't not like" when Sydney kissed her at the house party, she was just caught off guard. They are then interrupted by Bradley who, angry at Sydney for telling Dina he cheated on her, storms into prom and outs her as a "dyke" to the whole school. Stanley tries to stop him but Bradley punches him.

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It doesn't stop there though. Bradley is about to expose that Sydney has super powers, when she accidentally blows his head off. Iconic. She then runs into the woods covered in blood and the mysterious black cloud that was following her appears and transforms into a person (?!!) in front of her.

Sydney asks: "Who are you? Should I be afraid," and the unidentified being says: "They should be afraid. Let's begin."

Here are just a few of the reactions so far.

Discussing the ending with The Decider, I Am Not Okay with This director, Jonathan Entwhistle, said: "The questions I want people to ask are who has come to town? Is it going to be the mentor ‘Professor X’ or is it going to be the Sith Lord come to take Syd to the Dark Side?”

He continued: "I think when you’ve got the type of powers that she’s got you can become an asset in a bigger world that’s been brewing outside of the tiny town where we started the story. So I’d like it to immediately off the bat to be a hint that whoa there’s a bigger world out there than just one girl with crazy powers."

Entwistle also hinted that the shadowy figure will spell trouble for Stan. He teased: "Stan has no powers, so if somebody with cool powers steps in and starts saying things to Sydney then that’s going to then kind of hurt his ego a little bit. And I think he’s a character that likes to be wanted and so I think that is something interesting for him in the world to deal with.

As it stands, Netflix haven't renewed I Am Not Okay with This for a second season. However, given that it's already being planned, we imagine that it's very likely we'll be seeing more of Sydney.

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