'Love Island': Adam's Family Defend Him After FAKE Tweet From His Mum Goes Viral

20 June 2018, 11:02 | Updated: 20 June 2018, 15:37

By Sam Prance

This is a lot to process...

There is no question that Adam Collard is one of the most talked about stars of Love Island 2018. Ever since he entered the villa, he's dominated conversation both on and off screen. From his surprising age to the fact that every girl seems to fancy him, the personal trainer is impossible to miss. Not only that but he's also been the catalyst of much of this year's drama.

Love Island
Love Island. Picture: ITV2

Whenever a new girl enters the villa, Adam seems to immediately abandon who he is already coupled up with. He chose to leave Kendall for Rosie, flirted with Megan as soon as she joined the competition and now is attempting to woo Zara after both he and Rosie decided to take things to the next level days before. Unsurprisingly viewers are not warming to him.

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In fact, his scandalous actions are so notorious that he is already the subject of many hilarious memes.

Things took a turn for the worse last night when Rosie confronted Adam about how he's treated her and instead of showing her compassion, he just smirked in her face. She was literally pouring her heart out to him and it seemed like he could not care less about what he's done to her. Instead, he was just interested in pursuing Zara.

It is not just fans who are turned off by the controversial contestant's behaviour though. Yesterday, even his family seemede to not be impressed. A Twitter account (@adamcollard_) that has been posing as Adam's personal account, helmed by his mum while he is on the show, tweeted something shocking.

Adam's mum appeared to reveal that not even she is happy with her son's recent actions.

It's what he deserves.

That's not all though. The social media queen even went on to stick up for Rosie.

BUT, before you start stanning Adam's mum, be warned that it turns out that the account is fake. Adam's family took to his real Instagram account today to do some damage control.

We understand that it's a 'reality game show' but a little a bit of compassion for Rosie wouldn't hurt. Would it?

A moment of silence for Adam's iconic mum who turned out not to be Adam's iconic mum.

May she live in our hearts forever more.