Does Arabella Chi have a child? Love Island star caught modelling ASOS maternity clothing

25 June 2019, 14:46 | Updated: 14 October 2019, 16:02

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Um, Arabella has a baby… ?

When Arabella Chi entered the Love Island villa she brought a proper chaos with her. Not only did she break up Danny Williams and Yewande Biala, she was ultimately the catalyst behind Yewande's departure on Monday night's Love Island episode (RIP).

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Of course, all the boys were practically drooling when Arabella came in and it was pretty obvious she was a model. Arabella confirmed it as soon as she opened her mouth and revealed her plans on becoming a yoga teacher. However, what she missed off of her extensive CV was that she is a maternity model.

Arabella Chi on Love Island and modelling for ASOS.
Arabella Chi on Love Island and modelling for ASOS. Picture: ITV/ASOS

Yep, Arabella was caught modelling ASOS' maternity range and, no, she's not pregnant – at least as far as we know… Arabella's photos are still up on the site and it looks like she has donned a prosthetic bump for the occasion.

Of course, it hasn't *actually* been confirmed it's Arabella. Maybe she has an identical twin who happens to be a model too and is pregnant? Or, she actually has a secret child? Who knows…

Anyway, it looks like the fake bump theory is the winning option and people were shocked. Like, maternity clothes aren't actually modelled by pregnant women? Whattttt!?

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