Love Island: The Best Memes From The Show So Far

17 July 2018, 17:03 | Updated: 5 June 2019, 12:17

Love Island
Love Island. Picture: ITV2

By Katie Louise Smith

Every single meme from the brand new series of Love Island. Updated weekly.

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Love Island 2018 is FINALLY here and the memes are coming in thick and fast.

Every night from 9pm onwards the ENTIRE nation comes together to collectively meme the sh*t out of the show like their lives depend on it. From Laura's real age and Eyal's gap year to Georgia's loyalty and how pink Dr Alex is looking after a day in the sun, Twitter has got every joke you can imagine covered.

Here are all the best memes from Love Island 2018 so far. We'll be updating this list every single night so you don't miss a thing.

If Georgia says 'loyal' oNE MORE TIME SO HELP ME GOD.

Laura is really not having a good time, is she?

Georgia is such a mood.

Chris from last season: "Who are you?"

New Jack: "I'm you, but stronger."


SETTLE DOWN HUNS, sh*t's about to get interesting.

How long do you have?

If you think you're too good for Love Island, now's the time to close this tab.

What does superficial mean?

Add it to the ever growing list of things Hayley doesn't understand.

"eee jus asked what me fave animal was"

It had his name on it tbf.

It was a cold winter and the nights were long...

Don't trust anyone with eyebrows like this

We aren't all like this (lol jk)

Pray for Alex

It's always hard to move on after such an intense relationship...

She's either doing Love Island, or she's going on the next season of The Bachelor.

Melania Love Island
Picture: @hansmollman/Twitter

Name a more iconic line up.

Look, it's hard to find love in A&E, can the man live?!

Alex Love island Meme
Picture: @Latentes/Twitter

Danny Dyer on Love Island? SIGN ME UP.

Same 😂

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Kem and Kady are 100% their type on paper.

😂😂 @greatbritish.memes posts the funniest memes on insta 😂

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Hang on a SECOND...



Pure muggy.

Adam is a snake that can't be trusted.

He made the decision whilst on gap year ok?

It's a match made in heaven.

Yeah Love Island deffo has a lookalike issue.