Everyone is baffled by the 'broken eagle' sex position and it's all thanks to Love Island

8 June 2022, 14:35 | Updated: 8 June 2022, 14:42

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Broken eagle? Oyster? Here's the meaning behind those Love Island sex positions.

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Love Island is back and that could only mean one thing… time to hear about some obscure sex positions no one has EVER heard of.

On Monday night's episode (June 6), we were introduced to a bunch of brand new singletons looking for love. True to form, it didn't take long before the topic of sex positions came up.

Paige Thorne revealed her favourite position is the "broken eagle" (This isn't to be confused with the traditional eagle sex position, a favourite of Love Island 2019 star Curtis Pritchard.) So, what is the broken eagle exactly?! Here's your guide to the latest viral Love Island sex position.

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What is the broken eagle sex position?

Love Island: What is the broken eagle sex position?
Love Island: What is the broken eagle sex position? Picture: ITV

Since Paige mention the broken eagle sex position, Love Island viewers have been frantically searching what it actually means.

Well, here it is: The broken eagle involves one person laying on their stomach with one leg bent and the other straight. The person above then penetrates them. "It’s like, when the girl lies on the bottom, lying on my front, you know how girls sleep half bent, the other half straight, the guy doing his thing," Paige explained.

Now this differs to the normal eagle position you might already be familiar with, which is kind of similar to missionary but involves one person spreading their legs while being penetrated.

What is the oyster sex position?

Following Paige's admission, Luca Bish revealed his favourite sex position… the oyster?! Apparently, the position involves having one person laying on their back with their legs up in the air while the other pokes their head through the legs, or to the side, and penetrates.

He said: "My favourite sex position is the oyster? Your legs are like, up in the air. My head's poking through your legs, sort of thing."

What happened to the good old days of missionary?

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