Love Island fans call out huge age gap between Gemma and Davide

7 June 2022, 12:05

By Sam Prance

Gemma and Davide kissed in the first episode of Love Island's 2022 series.

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Love Island is coming under fire over the age difference between two of the cast members in the series: Gemma and Davide.

Last night (Jun 6), Love Island finally returned with its highly-anticipated eighth season. As per usual, we were introduced to a group of sexy singletons all looking for love. However, there was one key difference. Instead of the contestants choosing who to pair up with, the couples were chosen based on an audience vote and the islanders had no say in the matter.

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As a result, some people are unhappy with their pairings. Gemma has been paired up with Liam but she's made clear that she's attracted to bombshell Davide instead. Gemma even kissed Davide during the first challenge of the show but now viewers are calling out Love Island over the "uncomfortable" age gap between Gemma and Davide.

How old are Gemma and Davide in Love Island?

Love Island fans call out huge age gap between Gemma and Davide
Love Island fans call out huge age gap between Gemma and Davide. Picture: ITV

At just 19 years old, Gemma Owen is currently the youngest contestant on the new season of Love Island. She was born on May 1st, 2003, which means that she was 18 years old up until last month and likely finished school last summer.

As for Davide, he is currently the oldest contest in the villa. He is 27 years old and almost nine years older than Gemma.

As soon as Gemma stated her age in the show, there were concerns from viewers that she was too young to be competing in the competition and those concerns were exacerbated when Gemma kissed Davide. One person tweeted: "the fact that andrew and davide are EIGHT years older than gemma doesn't sit right with me- anyone else".

Another person added: "If Gemma is paired with someone above the age of 25 I’m gonna file a complaint with OFCOM". Meanwhile, someone else tweeted: "they shouldn’t let anyone that young on the show... no 19 year old should have to decide who she is in front of the whole nation."

As it stands, Love Island are yet to address the backlash. We shall update you if they do.

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