'Love Island’ Fans Convinced That Georgia And Jack’s Kiss Was STAGED After Video Leaks

10 July 2018, 15:31 | Updated: 10 July 2018, 16:45

By Sam Prance

Was this scandalous scene fake?

Love Island has had its fair share of scandal this year. First of all there was the fact that Adam seemed to break nearly every girl's heart in the villa, then there was the fact that Wes started pursuing Megan after weeks of being in a couple with Laura and, on top of that, there was the fact that Josh left Georgia for Kazamir when the boys were sent to Casa Amor. However, none of these dramas hold a candle to KISSGATE.

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KISSGATE came to a head over the weekend when a newly single Georgia took Laura's new man Jack on a date as part of a task. In the clip that aired, it appeared that at the end of the date, Jack went to kiss Georgia on the cheek but Georgia pulled him back to kiss him on the lips. However, when they returned to the villa, Georgia told Laura that Jack kissed her and, with no footage to prove her otherwise, chaos ensued.

Love Island
Love Island. Picture: ITV2

Jack strongly denied ever intentionally kissing Georgia on the lips, Georgia claimed otherwise and Wes, who was on a date with Megan next to Georgia and Jack at the time of the kiss, backed up Georgia. Naturally, social media then flooded with requests to air the clip so that the Islanders could see what really happened but, as it stands, they've still not shown it.

This is where the real controversy kicks in though. Another clip of the kiss has now leaked and fan page 'The Holy Church of Love Island' on Facebook has deduced that the scene could have been re-filmed or even staged. In the first clip, Wes and Megan are kissing while Georgia and Jack get up out of their seats, whereas in the second both couples are kissing at the same time.

Watch and make your own judgements.

The Kiss


Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Jack and Georgia aren't seen kissing in the second clip so it's possible that they just kissed once and nothing was re-filmed. However, in the second clip, it looks like Megan is getting up out of her seat AGAIN which would mean that the scene could have been reshot. Was KISSGATE an elaborate plan by producers? Did Jack and Georgia kiss twice? Does anything make any sense at all anymore if reality television is not actually REALITY television?

Ultimately, we are highkey confused. 'The Holy Church of Love Island' are certain that the kiss was fake but we're pretty sure that there's not enough evidence to confirm that just yet. Nevertheless, the comments under the video show that many fans are siding with 'The Holy Church of Love Island'. One wrote: "I am really upset about this girls feel like my whole life is a lie". Another added: "oh my god I just totally can’t get over this is scripted".

What do you think? Fingers crossed that Love Island clears things up in tonight's episode.