Is there a secret Love Island villa? Fans are convinced dumped contestants will return

1 July 2021, 11:53 | Updated: 1 July 2021, 14:53

Shannon is first person dumped from Love Island 2021

By Katie Louise Smith

Why was Shannon dumped from the island so early? Fans think shock exit could hint at big twist.

Love Island has only been back on our screen for 10 minutes and they've already sent one Islander home.

In episode 3 (June 30), Shannon left the villa after bombshell Chloe decided to couple up with Aaron, leaving Shannon single. However, viewers don't think all is what it seems and some are speculating that there might be another secret villa.

We all know that Casa Amor plays a big part in Love Island as a whole batch of brand new contestants move into the two different villas to shake things up, but with Shannon's unceremonious – and honestly, very harsh – dumping in Wednesday night's episode, viewers are now speculating that producers may have added a new twist.

Could there be a secret Love Island villa? Some people certainly think so...

Love Island: Is there a secret villa?
Love Island: Is there a secret villa? Picture: ITV

So, why do people think Shannon is now in a secret villa? Usually, the Islander who ends up single after the first bombshell arrives stays in the villa and is given a few more days to crack on and couple up at the next recoupling. So it was definitely sus when Shannon was immediately evicted via text. (And also, Shannon spending two weeks in quarantine, only to be on the show for two days? It don't make no sense, luv.)

Hundreds of viewers took to Twitter after Shannon's dumping with many of them asking the same question: Is Shannon really gone, or is she now in a secret villa?

Ex-Islander Amy Hart also pointed out that if Shannon doesn't return to social media within the next few days, then she may possibly be in another villa. Others are hoping she'll be brought back for Casa Amor.

Is there a secret villa? Will Shannon return as one of the Casa Amor girls? We'll have to wait and see...