A Definitive Ranking Of The Snake-iest 'Love Island' 2018 Contestants

21 June 2018, 17:34

Love Island Snakes asset
Picture: Getty Creative/ITV 2
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

There's no shortage of snakey behaviour in the villa this year.

Everyone knows that, ultimately, Love Island is a game of strategy. Once you're in the villa, all bets are off. Some people endear themselves to the at-home viewers early on (like Jack and Dani). Others can earn the label of villa "snake", once tensions start to rise and hearts get involved.

This is the power ranking of the Islanders based on how snake-ish they've been this season.

5) Hayley

Hayley Love Island
Picture: ITV 2/Love Island

Hayley actually seems like a lot of fun and really was just "playing the game". Unfortunately, she didn't try to connect with Eyal and spoke badly about him behind his back. She didn't try with Charlie either and only scooped him up because she was vulnerable in the recoupling.

Again, Hayley really was playing the game but that doesn't take away from the snake-ishness of it all.

4) Wes

Wes Love Island
Picture: ITV 2/Love Island

One minute Wes is telling Laura that he's "falling" for her, the next he's telling her off for acting like they're together. Why does this remind me of every boy at uni who acted like you were the most interesting creature to ever walk the face of the earth before promptly ghosting you 5-7 business days later.

Very curious that the moment Ellie decides she'd like to focus on Alex, Wes is suddenly interested in Laura again. SHENANIGANS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

3) Zara

Zara Love Island
Picture: ITV 2/Love Island

Instead of having a conversation with Rosie the Solicitor and being upfront about wanting to get closer to Adam, Zara aligned herself with the villain of the villa as if the same thing isn't going to happen to her next week. Zara is going to be singing jolene_dollyparton.mp3 in no time and no one will feel sorry for her.

All I have to say is congratulations, babe. You've played yourself.

2) Eyal

Eyal love island
Picture: ITV 2/Love Island

First of all, Eyal getting angry that Alex spoke to Megan was........wild. I mean, truly wild. Megan can actually speak to whomever she likes because she's not property.

Eyal's snakiest moment came when he kissed Megan in front of Alex and said it wasn't intentional. In this house, we support Britain's favourite NHS doctor.

1) Adam aka King of The Snakes

Adam Love Island
Adam Love Island. Picture: ITV 2/Love Island

Adam, Adam, Adam. Where do we even begin? He swooped Kendall from Niall, dumped Kendall for Rosie, made a play for Megan, hooked up with Rosie and promptly discarded her for Zara. In all of this drama, I've never even heard him engage in what might actually be considered a stimulating conversation.

Smirking at Rosie while she poured her heart out to him just about solidified his place as Snake King. Adam's behaviour feels like a caricature of how clueless 13-year-old boys think real men behave.

In the immortal words of Rosie, Adam is "always searching for more" and it's all wearing a bit thin now.