What is ‘the anvil’ sex position? The meaning behind Love Island Siânnise’s preferred move

20 January 2020, 16:16

By Rachel Finn

Siânnise Fudge revealed her fav sex position on last night's episode.

Love Island contestants love to boast about how they love weirdly named sex-positions, don’t they? Previously, we’ve had ‘the eagle’ before very recently being introduced to ‘the butter churner’. Well, now we have ‘the anvil’. And yes, we also had to Google it to find out what it was.

On last night’s show (Jan 19), contestant Siânnise Fudge opened up about her sexual preferences as she chatted to partner Connor Durman and revealed yet another weirdly-named sex move.

Connor asked Siânnise what her favourite sex positon was, to which she replied it was “the anvil”, going on to explain: “When the boy’s on top and then my legs are on his shoulder. I had to Google that.”

What is the anvil sex position?
What is the anvil sex position? Picture: ITV / Getty: Jayfish

So, what is The Anvil?

Although we thought an anvil was something used by metalsmiths, it turns out it is also a sex position. Who knew?

It’s also way more simple than it sounds. It’s just a twist on regular ol’ missionary position, with the person underneath putting their legs over the other person’s shoulders.

Some Twitter users were still not so sure why the position had to be given such a weird name however...

We guess you really *do* learn something new everyday!