Love Island: Two Islanders Have Reportedly QUIT After Recoupling "Goes Wrong"

19 July 2018, 11:29 | Updated: 19 July 2018, 11:32

By Katie Louise Smith

There have been reports that Georgia and Sam are the two Islanders who have left the villa.

It's fair to say that there's been a few preeeeeeetty dramatic days in the Love Island villa so far this week and now, according to reports, TWO people have decided to walk out and leave the show completely.

Mirror TV reports that two Islanders decided to quit the show after a dramatic recoupling. The internet immediately went into panic mode after assuming that it was Love Island's number one couple Jack and Dani who had left but according to those unconfirmed reports, Georgia and Sam are the couple who have left the villa.

A source told Mirror TV: "They filmed the recoupling and afterwards Sam and Georgia weren't happy so walked out of the villa. None of their fellow Islanders could persuade them to stay. The explosive scenes will be aired tomorrow or Friday."


Who quit Love Island?
Picture: ITV2

While this all remains unconfirmed, the internet thinks they've found evidence that proves Georgia and Sam are the ones who walked... and it's all to do with where they're sitting on the sofa during the recoupling.

Love Island recoupling Georgia and Sam
Picture: ITV2

All the girls are stood in a line, waiting for the guys to choose them in the recoupling... but Georgia is already sat down.

Could Georgia have already been chosen but decided to sit at the end of the sofa alone instead of next to her new man or has she already decided that she's leaving anyway?! Both Georgia and Sam were still cracking on with each other despite splitting up so they could stay on the island... did they finally realise that they should have just bloody left the villa in the first place instead of returning as two single Islanders?

When asked for comment, ITV have said that the rumours were "speculation". With the recoupling just hours away from hitting our screens, we guess we'll find out what's going on for real preeeeetty soon.