Wednesday's Emma Myers had to go to 'werewolf bootcamp' to prepare for Enid

6 January 2023, 17:00

Emma Myers had to do werewolf bootcamp for Wednesday

By Katie Louise Smith

"I have never done so much parkour in my life."

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Is it just me or does 'werewolf bootcamp' actually sound like a lot of fun? Wednesday actress Emma Myers has revealed the strange, yet kind of iconic, training she had to take part in before filming on the Netflix series.

If you've been paying attention to the behind-the-scenes details and secrets about Wednesday, then you'll know how much training the cast had to do in order to play their roles in the show.

Jenna Ortega, in particular, has already shared that she had a pretty heavy schedule during filming as she learned how to play the cello, how to fence, how to speak German and how to canoe (amongst countless other things). Joy Sunday (who plays Bianca) took part in some of those lessons, too.

Now, Emma has explained that she had to go to werewolf training in order to nail Enid Sinclair and her brothers' werewolf physicalities for the series.

Emma Myers reveals she had to go to 'werewolf bootcamp' for Wednesday
Emma Myers reveals she had to go to 'werewolf bootcamp' for Wednesday. Picture: Netflix

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Emma revealed that she and a handful of her co-stars took part in a 'bootcamp' to hone their werewolf parkour skills.

"We did this werewolf bootcamp one time, because episode six, where the parents come and all the family comes, I had four or five brothers and they really had to get them into the werewolf spirit," Emma said, referring to the 'parents weekend' episode of the show.

Emma continued: "So they asked me to come in and do werewolf bootcamp and I was like, 'Ok, what does this mean?'’

"I have never done so much parkour in my life," she then joked. "It was me running on the floor on all fours, leaping over things. These stunt guys were telling you to be sheep and we would crawl around them in a circle."

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At the end of season 1, viewers watch as Enid finally unlocks her powers and wolfs out at just the right time. During a huge dramatic confrontation in the forest, Enid manages to save Wednesday's life by fighting Tyler, who had turned into the deadly Hyde.

Details about season 2 have yet to be revealed yet but now Enid has found her inner werewolf, it's possible that we'll see her wolf out again in the next instalment. And you know what that probably means? More werewolf bootcamp for Emma!

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