27 wild You season 3 memes that'll have you cackling from inside Joe's glass box

19 October 2021, 18:01

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By Katie Louise Smith

Joe and baby Henry? Love murdering anyone who pisses her off? The icon herself Sherry Conrad? The You season 3 memes are incredible.

If there's one thing we know to be true about Netflix's You, it's that the memes are just as good as the actual show. And You season 3 has proved us right yet again.

The third season of the Joe Goldberg Murder Show™️ sees all sorts of shenanigans happen in Joe and Love's new neighbourhood. The glass box is back, there's a murder in the first episode and both Joe and Love are at their most unhinged.

In and amongst all the chaos, however, there's still time for countless memes about Joe and his beloved blue baseball cap, and Love and her terrifying, unquenchable thirst for murder. Here's all the best You season 3 memes so far...

WARNING: Spoilers for You season 3 ahead!

You season 3 memes: All the best reactions to Joe and Love
You season 3 memes: All the best reactions to Joe and Love. Picture: Netflix

Another season of my favourite unhinged Netflix couple? Don't mind if I DO.

Joe Goldberg and that blue cap are one of TV's best couples.

Joe Goldberg: "You could have breathed in anyone's direction but YOU breathed in MINE. Are we... soulmates?"

And now, Madre Linda's finest Joe Goldberg in his rendition of "The Cell Block Tango".

Baby Forty Henry knew. He felt the vibes.

WHO is doing it like Love Quinn? WHO?

That therapist is gonna have the shock of her life when she reads Love's final email.

We did it, we did it Joe. You're gonna go to jail for a murder I committed x

I see your one dead body on the sidewalk and I raise you... one unconscious teenager, two kidnapped adults with gunshot wounds and TWO dead bodies!!

If only Sherry hadn't scratched her damn arm...


Do ✍️ not ✍️ go ✍️ to ✍️ the ✍️ basement ✍️ with ✍️ Love ✍️ Quinn.

Love Quinn caught ME slipping! Do NOT prosecute her! That is on ME!


Are you ok, Theo? Sweetie?

Sherry Conrad gave you a character development masterclass in 10 episodes. AN ICON!

It was all fun and games until Taylor Swift's 'exile' started blasting through the speakers.

Like I said, the therapist is gonna need therapy after reading Love's email.

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