Love returns in You season 4 part 2 trailer with a connection to Rhys

13 February 2023, 15:27

Penn Badgley says he gets nauseous filming You’s gory scenes

By Katie Louise Smith

Love Quinn features in the You season 4 part 2 trailer, but is it a hallucination or is she really alive?

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Have you watched the first five episodes of You season 4 yet? Good, because we've got some serious You season 4 part 2 intel to discuss.

The Penn Badgley-led thriller series finally returned to our screens last week (Feb 9) and introduced us to a brand new murder mystery involving the Eat The Rich killer who is currently working his way through a rich and privileged friendship group.

After a bombshell ending, Netflix have now teased the first look at Part 2 (the final five episodes of the season) and there's a huge surprise lurking amongst the short bursts of action.

The majority of the Part 2 teaser focuses on Joe and his plan to stop Rhys Montrose. We also see a brief glimpses of Joe and Kate together in some kind of embrace, Lady Phoebe in what looks like a terrifying situation, and Nadia featuring prominently too...

But there's one character that people cannot believe has popped back up. Yes, Lovers, thee Love Quinn has returned. But is she real, or is she a hallucination?

Is Love Quinn in You season 4?

Love Quinn returns in the You season 4 part 2 trailer
Love Quinn returns in the You season 4 part 2 trailer. Picture: Netflix

Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti) appears briefly in the Part 2 trailer and fans are absolutely losing it over her appearance considering she was killed at the end of season 3.

Love can be seen sitting inside Joe's infamous glass cage, which has yet to make an appearance in season 4, prompting fans to assume that it's all one big hallucination.

But there's one huge clue that fans have clocked, and it ties her directly into the season 4 storyline. The book she's holding? It's Rhys Montrose's memoir, A Good Man in a Cruel World.

Part 1 makes a clear reference to the book by showing it on screen, as Joe calls it "honestly one of the best memoirs [he's] ever read." But why is Love holding it? Why has she bookmarked so many pages? And what does it meaaaan?

Could it all be a figment of Joe's imagination? His obsession with Rhys now manifesting within visions and hallucinations? Or is Love really back, alive, and somehow knows about Rhys' murders?

Is Love alive or is she dead?

At the end of season 3, Joe poisoned Love and burned their house down with her inside after faking his own death. She is dead. She is gone. Love is toast. Literally.

Victoria Pedretti and showrunner Sera Gamble have also confirmed that Love is actually dead. Gamble previously told Newsweek that there was no chance that Love had managed to fake her death, either: "She is lying there [dead]. I'm not trying to be 'was there a parachute under that seat in the airplane?' She is [dead]."

But that doesn't mean she couldn't return in hallucinations or flashbacks much like Candace and Beck.

Our guess? It's definitely one of Joe's hallucinations, but we'll have to wait until Part 2 airs on March 9th to know for sure.

How to watch the You season 4 Part 2 trailer

The first look at You season 4 part 2 is available to watch for Netflix viewers at the very end of episode 5 on the platform.

If you leave Netflix after you finished the episode, you'll completely miss it, so stay on the site as the credits roll until you see a 'Preview' button. The site will then automatically play the Part 2 trailer.

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